Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Ramblings:-->Buckingham Nicks...I Hope They Make It!

"And if you go forward...
I'll meet you there.
And if you climb up through the cold, freezing air...Look down below you,
search out above.
And cry out to life for a frozen love."
~ Buckingham Nicks ~

When Buckingham Nicks released their self-titled alb in 1973, it sold miserably. A failure by all accounts.

Little did we know that Lyndsey Buckingham and Stevie Nicks would become household names. Respected by fans and peers alike.

Once the duo joined Fleetwood Mac, their panned LP became something of a cult legend. A record that, at the least, was worthy of a double-take. Turns out...it wasn't bad at all. In fact, this little footnote of a record, easily deserved better than what the fickled fates allowed.

My folks own this record. And from the looks of it...it appears to have been played a lot. And for good reason. There are some tasty nibbles on this disc.

Over at the Buckingham Nicks website...you can freely download the entire album. And that is pretty darn cool of those two RnR legends.
The song "Crystal" was always a favorite of mine. Here is the song performed live.

A rare Buckingham Nicks performing "Crystal" live...
before hooking up with the 'Mac.
A nice montage of vintage photos, too.

Very Sweet.

Legend has it that the duo were performing "Frozen Love" when Fleetwood Mac decided to ask them to join up. The rest is pure RnR history.

Look around and you'll discover some other goodies to fill your 'pod.
Good stuff!
Buckingham Nicks:-->"Frozen Love" (Buckingham Nicks) (1973) (Must Own)


whiteray said...

I have the BN album on vinyl as well, found in a used record store. It is a good piece of work, and it did deserve better. I wonder, sometimes: If someone with second sight had come up to Lindsey and Stevie when they were recording their album and told them, "In four years, you will be part of the biggest band in the world," what would they have thought?

Casey said...

whiteray...It almost sounds like one of those..."made for tv" movies.

And ya know...sometimes when I watch them on stage as part of Fleetwood Mac(video)...there is/was an occasional invisible current happening between the two.

Like..."Love is love and not fade away."