Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Track 4:-->"Playing The Game" - Gentle Giant - The Power and the Glory (1975)

" I'm the king in fighting competition...
and the other pieces are there for
my art and my tactics now.
All my games are won before they're played...
for I have planned that
no opposition can stage a fight."
Gentle Giant

Gentle Giant was a 5 member progressive rock band hailing from Britain.

Formed in 1970, Gentle Giant were creating quite a buzz for their numerous and experimental chord changes and rhythm progressions

By the mid-seventies, Gentle Giant was trying to tame...somewhat...their musical eclectic creations for a more commercial sound.

"The Power and the Glory"(1975) reached #78 on the U.S. Billboard Charts...and, after giving this disc another spin...still holds up well today.

Gentle Giant was a cross between King Crimson and Genesis, to my ears...and "The Power And The Glory"...though not considered their best release...has many rewards for the listener.
Gentle Giant

"The Power And The Glory"
was a concept album about power and corruption. And urban legend has it that it was all about the..."Watergate Scandal".

If one was to spin "TRACK 4"...(as many were want to do upon purchasing a new LP), then "Playing The Game" would tickle your speakers with a collage of instruments...before drums introduce nice vocals floating over some tasty mid-tempo rhythms.

The song proclaims the arrogance of some who hold power...before taking a sharp left...only to reel all the instruments back on course. Nearly 7 minutes of tasty beanstalk stew.
Good stuff!


Gentle Giant:-->"Playing The Game" (The Power and the Glory) (1975) (Must Own)


Michael Verity said...

I remember hearing this album in the late younger brother and I used to hang out at the apartment of this guy who grew up in the house behind ours...he was a keyboard player and was into Gentle Giant, ELP and Todd (and dope)...funny, the girl he was living with eventually left him and brother!

Casey said...

Fusion 45...
I've enjoyed your recent comments and observations.
You are always a welcome visitor.