Thursday, February 14, 2008

Ramblings:-->SNL Season 2/Episode 6 - & - The Band

"Hear the sound, Willie Boy,
The Flyin' Dutchman's on the reef.
It's my belief...
We've used up all our time.
This hill's too steep to climb,
And the days that remain ain't worth a dime.
The Band

Just finished watching SNL: Season 2/Episode 6 (1976) the other night and was struck by numerous observations and thoughts.

  • Six episodes into Season Two and Bill Murray has yet to make an appearance. His name has been announced as part of the "Not Ready For Prime Time Players" since the beginning of this season.
  • It is officially announced that Chevy Chase will be leaving the cast after tonight. (Perhaps making way for Bill Murray to appear in episode 7.
  • Guest Host, Buck Henry...receives a vicious blow across his forehead and scalp during the infamous skit called..."Samurai Accountant". While Belushi is ranting in his Japanese garb and waving his very heavy and sharp sword about...he accidentally bangs the blade against Buck Henry's head. Buck is obviously stunned...but trooper that he is...valiantly finishes the skit by jumping...(barely) through a makeshift window. Supposedly blood was running all down his face by this time.
Buck Henry & John Belushi in "Samurai Accountant".
  • When Buck Henry appears in the next sketch...he is wearing a 3 by 3 bandage across his forehead. In homage to Buck's..."the show must go on" attitude...each cast member wears a bandage on their forehead in tribute.
  • Belushi, at the end of the sporting a head wrapped up in bandages like a turban. He was said to have been very upset about striking Buck.
  • Buck Henry announces the musical guest...The reminding viewers that "...This Thanksgiving, they will be doing their last live performance." (of course, referring to "The Last Waltz" captured by Martin Scorsese).
  • The Band performed 4 songs. "Life Is A Carnival"..."The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down"...and "Stage Fright" in their first set. "Georgia On My Mind" in the 2nd set. Unprecedented before and possibly since. (Anybody know?)
The SNL seasons that have been released have been a blast...especially catching the musical guests. SNL serves as a wonderful RnR time capsule for those , like me, who missed'em the first time around. Good stuff!

The Band:-->"Rockin' Chair" (The Band) (1969) (Must Own)

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Anonymous said...

Wow. that Ebert review is of little value. the best review of The Last Waltz I read goes something like this: "it doesn't matter if you are a band fan or not, you will be when the film is thru."

this post has got me amped up to rent the SNL dvds. thank you! I might have to skip straight to season 2 to catch this Band show.