Thursday, January 17, 2008

Track 4:-->"Violation" - Starz - Violation (1977)

"Empty pockets, empty bed.
Empty bottles, empty head.
The committee says shape up...
Or they'll fix me quick enough."

This week...Track 4 is the title track, "Violation" from the sometimes forgotten band from New Jersey...Starz.

The song "Violation" is about a future vision of morality police taking over the country...with methods of correcting "bad" behavior. Terrific song...and not too far from reality.

Starz was a five piece band who looked a bit like Aerosmith and sounded a bit like Kiss. And rocked like Kissosmith or Aerokiss.

Lead by a great RnR vocalist, Michael Lee Smith...the band, Starz straddled the fence between hard rock and power pop. And deserved much better than the fates allowed.
Richie Ranno: guitars, Joe Dube: drums, Michael Lee Smith: vocals, Brenden Harkin: guitars, Peter Sweval: guitars

"Violation" (their 2nd album) was loaded with catchy party jams and anthems...and how the golden ring slipped their grasp is a mystery.

My guess...Starz was just too hard rock for poppers and just too hard pop for rockers...there's the rub. Nonetheless..."Violation" is a sadly overlooked classic rock album. Good stuff!


Starz:-->"Violation" (Violation) (1977) (must own)


Grumpies said...

I saw Starz in concert in Reading, PA in 1977; they were a much better band than Kiss, and should have been big, but somehow they never made it. Good stuff!

Casey said...

Grumpies...That's cool. In '77, they must have been performing a few songs from their new (at the time)Violation.

I've heard others tell me they were "too good" as a warm-up act...causing them problems finding bands to open for. A great live band, I guess.
Thanks for stopping by.

Grumpies said...

Actually, they were the headliners for that show in Reading. It was in a small, old, very rundown theater, I can't remember the name, which I'm sure was torn down years ago. The opening act was a local band called The Bonnie Parker Band and they never even bothered to show. We all sat and waited for at least an hour before Starz finally came on, and we all left happy and satisfied and never missed The Bonnie Parker Band at all. So, yea, I would say that Starz were a really great live band

Anonymous said...

Bonnie Parker here...just to set the record straight...
We were there waiting to go on...our drummer never showed up!!
We were all set up & ready to play..
when the asshole finally did show hours later, we ALL kicked the shit out of him and threw his drums out the back door...!!!
We SO wanted to play thet show w/ Starz!!
PS...we were from NY

Casey said...

Bonnie Parker...Thanks so much for clearing up what obviously left a misunderstanding to many fans who showed up to see "both" bands.

From your explanation...I think the Bonnie Parker Band might have given headliners a run for their money.

Here's hoping others learn the truth about your band's unfortunate turn of events on that particular RnR night.

Now...where can I hear & learn more about the Bonnie Parker Band.!?!?!

Grumpies said...

Wow, isn't the internet awesome? I just read Bonnie Parker's response and so finally learned what really happened on one night in Reading, PA 30+ years ago. Incredible!

Grumpies said...
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Grumpies said...

BTW, Casey, here's a couple of Bonnie Parker links:


Anonymous said...

my aunt saw bonnie parker at rumbottoms in 1973..looked her up on facebook she musta had a lotta plastic surgery!! gotta be in her 60's if my addition is correct!! person who worked for the band long ago told us her real name was eileen mcdermott and she comes from suffolk county ny..