Track 4:-->"The King Will Come" - Wishbone Ash - Argus - (1972)

"In the fire, the king will come.
Thunder rolls, piper and drum.
Evil sons, overrun.
Count their sins - judgment comes."
Wishbone Ash

The album..."Argus" (Wishbone Ash) was heard often around the house while I was growing up.

I enjoyed listening to the majestic aura each song projected while thinking about the fascinating cover. And though never admitted as a concept album..."Argus" always sounded like more than just random songs released to the public.

Perhaps...a life-long warrior's conflict between his love for the battle and his struggle to find peace. Concept or not, Wishbone Ash delivered an often forgotten classic.

Track 4 on this gem is "The King Will Come"...a 7 minute blend of double-lead guitar spinning trips and runs to delight the listener.

This double-lead guitar attack was a successful trademark of Wishbone Ash.

Andy Powell and Ted Turner seem to communicate on a whole other libbing, as often as not. And with each uncannily anticipating each other's string bites. Awesome!

Trivia note:
Ted Turner played guitar on John Lennon's..."Imagine".

Martin Turner on bass...lays a creative undertow on every song and sings or shares vocals on every number.

Tasty drums are provided by Steve Upton and he has a sweet way of drawing attention to the skins at just the right moments.
You'll understand after listening to this lost classic.

Finally, this band has one of the greatest names of all time. of my favorite album covers...perfect for framing. Good stuff!

Wishbone Ash performing another great song
from Argus..."Throw Down The Sword".


Wishbone Ash:-->"The King Will Come" (Argus) (1972)
(Must Own)


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