Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Ramblings:-->Jonny Quest - Counting Crows & Queen Too

"The fairy folk have gathered, round the new moon's shine...
to see the feller crack a nut, at night's noon time.
To swing his axe he swears, as he climbs he dares...
to deliver...the master stroke."

The original episodes of one of the best cartoons ever..."Jonny Quest"...are being shown nightly on the Boomerang Channel (12:30am Central).

I strongly recommend setting up your DVR to record this exciting cartoon series. How long the originals will be shown is unknown...but the originals are definitely the best.

"Jonny Quest", created by legendary duo...Hanna-Barbera ran from 1964-1965...and then was sadly canceled. ("Jonny Quest" was revived in the late '80s...but they were never quite as good as the original).

The show revolved around five...well fleshed-out cartoon characters.
  • Dr. Quest - a brilliant scientist savant and father to Jonny & Hadji.
  • Jonny Quest - a young boy...athletic and smart. (Tim Matheson provided voice in 1964).
  • Hadji - a young Indian boy...wise in the ways of mysterious tricks and adopted by Dr. Quest.
  • Race Bannon - A "James Bond" type hired as a tutor and bodyguard for the boys.
  • Bandit - the pet bulldog and comic foil.
"Jonny Quest" was a fast-paced futuristic adventure story that followed Dr Quest (and family) around the world as he investigated mysterious and unexplained events. Usually brought on by greedy, evil baddies (like Dr Zin) or from scientific experiments gone wrong.
Evil Dr. Zin
The violence was surprisingly and satisfyingly grown-up...with the bad guys meeting their deaths in a variety of creative ways. (Heads guillotined for not ducking fast enough. Loose footing causing bodies to tumble into the abyss. Snakes devouring the slow of foot. You get the picture).

And the "Jonny Quest Theme" was exciting, too...sounding like something from a James Bond thriller with heavy drums and bass underneath some tasty brass horns.
(Anyone have a mp3 of this?)

Frankly, the best part of this classic cartoon was...the show never talked down to its viewers and...for the most part...played fair with the endings.

This cartoon begs to be taken to the big screen with live actors. The right director with a good script could have a major blockbuster on their hands.
But who to cast in the roles?

Mean time...get your DVR set up. Good stuff.

The Counting Crows are offering what they call...a "digital 45". The website looks like a beautiful 45 record with 2 songs to freely download.
big thank you goes out to these guys for the kind gesture!
Very Nice!


"Queen II" (1974) was initially panned by critics...and boy...should they have their tails tucked between their legs today. Talk about a record that holds up better after every listen.

"Queen II" sounds wonderfully full and complex and very nearly rubs the shoulders of a..."concept album"....with lots of things happening. A total treat for the ears.

If you have some good headphones...put them on and trip on the gorgeous sounds. This offering below has some tasty...
harpsichord. Not often heard in rock.

Queen's song..."The Fairy Feller's Master-Stroke" was written by Freddie Mercury and inspired by Richard Dadd's
most celebrated painting..."The Fairy Feller's Master-Stroke" .
This painting, from 1864, took the eccentric artist nine years to complete.

"Queen II" is certainly a neglected gem...despite the iconic album cover...filled with plenty of FM fodder to satisfy the most jaded...classic rock listener. Make your DJ play'em.
Good stuff!
Queen:-->"The Fairy Feller's Master-Stroke" (Queen II) (1974) (Must Own)


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