Monday, January 7, 2008

Ramblings:-->Hacksaw Jim - Don McLean & We're Late For Class

"Somewhere the dogs are barking and the
children seem to know...

That Jesus on the highway was a lost hobo."

Don McLean

Went to a "Big Boys Show" at Century II in Wichita...(a place where motorcycles, electronic toys and bikini babes abound)...for the sake of meeting Hacksaw Jim Duggan.

Hacksaw is primarily remembered as being one of the "good guys" of WWF...back when wrestling was fun.

  • He won the New York St High School wrestling championship (unlimited weight class div).
  • Hacksaw won the 1st WWF Royal Rumble in 1988.
  • His signature move was the three-point stance tackle.

In 1998, Jim Duggan was diagnosed with cancer, but has since made a full recovery. He had obviously lost some muscle mass from his illness...yet still looked like a pretty strong "hoss" to me.
Didn't have my camera with me...however I was able to get a pretty clever autograph..displayed on a piece of 2x4. A trademark of Hacksaws'.


Walking the thin rope of tasty avant-garde...without falling on one's egotistical a tough balancing act. And rarely accomplished to the satisfaction of my ears.

But the soul-trippin' indie band...We're Late For Class...satisfies a much needed niche...with their tour-de-force of mind-expanding grooves.

We're Late For Class is an all improv college band who create a unique sound...underscored with a minimalist approach of jazz juice and some groovy well-placed funk notes.

Plus they have an uncanny way of making time...drip. WLFC...never seems to lose focus on where their Magic Bus wants to take us. The listener need only relax...and enjoy the ride...knowing they are in good hands.

We're Late For Class:-->"(Hand Me That) Revolutionary Coat" (A Collection) (2008)

We're Late For Class offers beau coup songs for everyone's downloading pleasure. And, to be sure, do not confuse improv with sloppiness.
WLFC is good stuff.


The 1974 "Homeless Brother" (Don McLean) was on a cassette that seemed to always be in my folk's car while driving around the town. This is one CD that creeps upon you and sticks in your crawl. Getting better and better after every listen.

Perhaps I'm waxing nostalgic about hearing these songs by the ..."American Pie" each song reminds me of front seat riding with dad...but just try finding another CD that relaxes one so easily.
Good stuff!

Don McLean:-->"Homeless Brother" (Homeless Brother) (1974) (Must Own)


We're Late For Class said...

Hey Casey,
Thanks a million for all the kind words. Your giving us a listen, and saying such great things, is really, really appreciated. We can't thank you enough. So... I guess that means your blog name is 100% authentic. Being a college crowd ourselves, we dig you. Thanks again and hope you get a chance to come back for more. We'll be back here. All the best.

Anonymous said...


Lonnie from WLFC here. Thanks for listening and for the review. we "make time... drip?" We LOVE that. And... plan to steal it and use it sometime in the future. You won't get any credit, of couse, 'cause we steal everything then buzz out and forget where we got it. But we'll love you for it anyway. Thanks again. L.

Casey said...

Lonnie...and some say chivalry is dead!
By all means...he'p yo self!
Just find a way to slip my name onto one of your bleedin' albums when you make a million. Of're aloud to spell my name wrong!
Take care.