Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Classic Pick:-->"Point Blank" - Point Blank (1976)

"Listen darlin', I got myself a problem.
You know I need a helping hand.
I don't want to share my candy.
I want my sugar handy.
But don'tcha know you got to live according to the law."
Point Blank

Point Blank is one of those bands that…when you hear them for the first time…make you scratch your head and wonder why they didn’t break out big.

Releasing their self-titled debut in 1976, Point Blank sounded like they were ready for bear. Drawing quick similarities to the best of what ZZ Top had to offer.

Point Blank also calls to mind some Hatchet…Skynyrd…and Outlaws. This time a dose of ballsy southern-rock from Texas.

But this was ’76, and disco was beginning to strangle all other genres from being heard on the radio, so this album…for the most part…tanked before it even got into the water.

Too bad…because this release begs to be re-discovered. A bona fide lost classic…filled with songs screaming to be heard on classic radio. Preferably…while taking a “let's go anywhere” road trip.

At this time, Point Blank was a five member band that provided some amazing dual guitar work from Randy Burns and Kim Davis. Their axes were extraordinarily tight and seemed to drive every song home.

The growling vocals by Jack O‘Daniel gave each song the proper attitude…with Phillip Petty (bass) and Peter Gruen (drums) keeping the dogs on the fox.

“I’m singing such a sad, sad song…for such a free, free man” ("Free Man") starts off the CD with a bluesy lament that quickly slips into some delicious paint-peeling guitar jamming.
A great blistering number when performed live...I'm sure.

“Moving” is a tasty churning number with another deep-fried guitar jam in the middle that ends much too quickly for my pleasure. The vocals are delivered with his fingers in the wall socket. Good stuff.

“That’s The Law” captures O’Daniel’s best vocals and…just guessing…but the rest of the band mates are playing like the spotlight should be on them. Very nice!

Point Blank closes out this tasty disc with "In This World" ...a catchy “can’t change my rowdy ways” number. This song screams for another guitar battle.

“Wandering” and “Bad Bees" are both great songs as well and are just waiting to be discovered by new ears.

Cherry-pickin’ songs from this album is pleasantly difficult. There simply are no throw-aways. And each number is perfectly placed on the CD.

Point Blank’s debut stands beside the greatest southern-rock albums of all time…no apologies necessary. This band spreads jam all over this record like a piece of toast...and should have garnered major props...if there was any justice.

These tracks will spin on a regular basis in your player of choice. A lost gem, indeed.
Good stuff!


Point Blank:-->"That's The Law" (Point Blank) (1976) (Must Own)

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Anonymous said...

Wow. Been a long time, but I remember this album. You're right on with your description of it. I don't think I have the album anymore, though.