Monday, January 28, 2008

Book Buzz:-->”I, The Jury” by Mickey Spillane (1947)

"There's time to conceive in
and time to expire,
Though the time 'twixt the two
tells the tale that transpires.
So why must we continually
disturb the universe...

With decisions and revisions which
a minute will reverse."

This is a fast-paced...tough as a $6 steak..."who-dun-it" revolving around one of our most famous American fictional characters...private eye, Mike Hammer.

Created by Mickey Spillane...Mike Hammer is loyal to his friends and quite nearly a "sockcucker" to anyone who ain't. He's quick to spill blood and quick to break bread...whichever best serves his purposes.

He admires the dames...and is never too busy to satisfy his long as they don't interfere with his chances of nabbing the no-good prick that is on his radar.

And finally, Mike Hammer has many friends from all walks of life. Both rich and not so rich. And clean and not so clean. Much like Ferris Beuler..."He's very popular. The sportos, the motor heads, geeks, sluts, bloods, waistoids, dweebs, dick heads - they all adore him. They think he's a righteous dude”.

"I, The Jury" (1947 - 174 pages) is a blast to read...filled with wonderful vernaculars from the forties. Mickey Spillane allows his characters to dance from beginning to end without once fearing a reprimand blow from the "Political Correctness" police. How refreshing!

In this hardboiled mystery...Mike Hammer seeks to find out who killed his best friend...and collect his own brand of revenge on the punk.

"I, The Jury" is a page-turning mystery crime novel...and an American Classic...loaded with plenty of sex and violence. And just perfect for interrupting the regular genres you may read.

It's a man's these pages, baby. Good stuff!


Ambrosia's debut is an extraordinary album. A lost gem, to be sure...filled with gorgeous vocals and a twirling progressive rock sense. Ambrosia spins a gentle touch of jazz in the mix, as well...without drifting too far from a tasty hook. And tops it all off by some terrific production from genius...Alan Parsons.
This self-titled classic has aged very well. And, perhaps, a fresh we stand in another phase of our lives... may shake loose some of the cobwebs from our music mind...and quickly show us..."They are "MUCH MORE" than who we thought they were". Good stuff.

Ambrosia:-->"Time Waits For No One" (Ambrosia) (1975) (Must Own)

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