Thursday, December 6, 2007

Ramblings:-->Tin Man - Gladys - & - Sugarloaf

"I would give you nearly everything...
if you would only tell me just how much
you really, really, really, really love me."
Clever. Very clever.
I've been recording the Sci-Fi channel miniseries..."Tin Man" and just finished watching part 1.
I'm really digging this updated homage to the classic "Wizard Of Oz".

"Tin Man" is totally different...and many references from the classic movie are thrown in...that this mini-series is easy to warm up to.
Did I is very, very clever!

Of has to throw away all expectations and leave critical comparisons to the classic aside. I could anything measure up? But with that out of the way...I recommend climbing on board. Good stuff.

My great-grandma passed away last week. She was 98. And as cool as a glass of sweet tea. Her name was Gladys. "Call me Glad-ass or Happy-butt".
She never took any medicine, 'cept for an aspirin when her knee would ache. Looked 20 years younger than her age...with a mind sharp as a Randall knife.

My great-grandpa...Jack passed away about 20 years earlier, and from stories handed down...he matched Gladys...step-for-step.

My dad grew up with them when he was younger. And this was in Peterstown, West Virginia (right beside the WV/VA border)...where every house had a front porch. It was on Jack and Gladys' front porch where everyone would congregate. Thicker than bees in a hive, my dad would say. is a short epistle from my dad he left in the memory book.

November 23, 2007
Through all my life, the most wonderful place to be...was on the front porch of Glad & Jack's house.

So many family members and friends have walked across that front porch...enough to fill a long Amtrak train.

When I think of all the young babies who went crawling across that beautiful front porch...myself included...only to quickly grow and become mommies & daddies themselves...with babies of their own...crawling across that very same front porch...well...that was our view of the Chamber's family of life.

There were times on Glad & Jack's front porch...when there was so much it was SRO...standing room only...with many having to carry conversations out onto the sidewalk.

I remember times it got so loud on Glad & Jack's front porch...with everybody talking at the same time about so many different things...and the volume of laughter traveling from both sides of that front porch...It was magical. It was music to the ear.
Quite was the sounds of peace and love.

And it was Glad & Jack that drew all of us there. We all knew where we needed to go...who we needed to be help us feel better. To help make the trials of life make better sense.

I firmly know...that Glad (as well as Jack) in a much better place. But what I wouldn't give to share the front porch glider with Gladys and Jack just one more time.
My prayers to all who will miss her.
And that's the kind of front porch I want to have. God bless.Glad and Jack

When we think of keyboard players...we almost forget about the tasty swirling chops by Jerry Corbetta of the underrated group...Sugarloaf. Jerry made any song better with his cool keyboard play.

Plus the playing of guitarist Robert Yeazel was pretty slam.

And they easily made radio a little bit more enjoyable to listen to.

The songs by Sugarloaf...even today...has an original sound. A bit dated...but in a good way. And, though I never got to see them perform...I can easily see them jamming...stretching out their songs to allow each member to blow.

Usually, I shy away from "best of" offerings...however this one is a great introduction, covering the early '70's...and not a wasted track among them. A budget price.
Good stuff!
Sugarloaf:-->"Tongue-In-Cheek" (Sugarloaf) (1993) (Must Own)


Anonymous said...

Nice post on all counts.

CTV said...

Condolences on the passing of your great-grandmother, Casey. You've paid a fine tribute to her.