Thursday, December 20, 2007

Ramblings:-->Randy Travis & Other Goodies

"Seventeen and wild I hit the bottle.
Doing anything I dang well please.
Burning down life's highway at full throttle.
While mama burned a candle on her knees."
Randy Travis

A truly enjoyable site is..."Shorpy's Historical Photographs".
Every day, new offerings of beautiful black-n-white vintage photos can be found...of the everyday common ways of life.

Each photo can be clicked on to enlarge your entire screen for easier scrutiny. And...if coming across one you especially may purchase it.

I've always found vintage b&w photos haunting. Beautifully so.
And calming...almost like an out-of-body experience. Lost moments in time.
Good stuff!

I finally took the plunge and installed the Operating System..."Mandriva 2008" by Linux...and I'm glad I did.

My E-machine was carrying a virus I could not lose. XP was running slower and slower. And my Windows boot was dropping drivers and hanging.

After playing with user-friendly "Mandriva"...I wiped off my hardrive and installed this Linux badboy...and have not looked back. And it was so easy.

On install..."Mandriva"...goes out and finds all the drivers your system needs...with no help needed from me. It grabbed all my files I wanted to keep before formatting...and quickly allowed for my wireless needs.

I encourage everyone to check out "Mandriva".
Did I forget to tell you...this OS is totally free. Open-source operating system. Easier to enjoy than Vista...right now. Good stuff!

An awesome video of the Beatles (almost) covering "Stairway To Heaven'. Good stuff!

Beatnix do "Stairway To Heaven"

Some really nice ...MashUps.. can be found over at DJ Earworm.
This cat is very studio savvy.
I recommend downloading ...
But take the time to check them all out. Very professionally done! Good stuff!

Randy Travis is just one...of a very small group of country singers...that make me feel happy...simply from the way they sing. (Haggard and John Anderson are two others that come quickly to mind).

"Rise And Shine" (2002) is a beauty of an album. It's country with a Christian message.
In is a Gospel CD...with some of the best country flavor you'll ever hear.

Randy won a Grammy for one of the songs...("Three Wooden Crosses")...and he wasn't even trying. The record wizards had long since dropped him from their labels...and were caught eating a considerable piece of crow.

Randy performing "Three Wooden Crosses"

No apologies need to be made, though. This is simply one of the best country CDs of 2002...that will hold up longer than whatever the newest flavor in country may be today.
Good stuff.

Randy Travis:-->"When Mama Prayed" (Rise And Shine) (2002) (Must Own)

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Paul said...

Great stuff. I love the old photography site. And I agree about Randy Travis' voice. He would have been a classic in any era.