Saturday, December 8, 2007

Ramblings:-->A Few Tasty Blogs To Visit - & - Manfred Mann

"Down, down in Hollywood town...
The lost and found come to find their way."
Manfred Mann's Earth Band
<--Manfred Mann or Austin Powers?

Today, I wanted to mention a few musical blogs that continually hold my attention...with their variety...with their writing...and with their song offerings.

I'm preaching to the choir for most...but for those who haven't stumbled upon these sites. Check'em out.

There are a couple of rarely heard Christmas songs posted daily over at Big Rock Candy Mountain. They are Country & Rockabilly & Blues mostly. And Am, Then FM is working his Christmas Mojo with a few daily holiday jams, as well. Both are always interesting!

One of the hardest working guys in blog land...The Late Greats seems to offer something of interest all the time. A daily stop for this blogster.

Tom, out east, has another - 5 on a Friday - selection of jams over at Bag Of Songs. A regular feature I never miss.

For a musical blog with some slam attitude. - Bleedin' Out never fails to entertain. In fact...if you don't take everything too seriously...Nomad's sarcastic attitude is a breath of fresh air. He offers a terrific variety of music to sample, as well. Good stuff.

Finally, Whiteray over at - Echoes In The Wind - has a Baker's Dozen of winter songs. Baker's Dozen is a regular feature and always seems to be well thought out...with explanations for many. Good stuff.

Do you enjoy MashUp mixes?
I do...when someone talented really nails one together. I encourage you to visit Nemozob. All are pretty tasty...but I especially enjoyed "Northern Soul"...beautifully done. Really good job!

If you know where any more really good Mashups can be found...please let me know.

If all you know about the Manfred Mann's Earth Band is...they covered a couple of songs by "The Boss", then you don't know them at all. Putting out several tasty CDs since those days...MMEB has at least two must own albums to grab.

And Manfred Mann is one underrated keyboardist...with great vocals.

One I particularly enjoy is their 1979 release..."Angel Station". Almost 30 years later, this CD holds up strong. Sounding like a cross between Alan Parsons and the best parts of Yes..."Angel Station" is a gorgeous listen. Made for headphones...and catchy as the flu.
A lost classic! Good stuff!

Manfred Mann's Earth Band:-->"Hollywood Town" (Angel Station) (1979) (Must Own)


Nazz Nomad said...

Thanks for the mention... the last time anyone said such nice things about me was when I beat the crap out of the guy who was hassling Mary Ellen DiFranco in third grade.

Yours in Satan...

the nazz
Bleedin' Out

-tom said...

Thanks Casey.

If you want some more mashups you need to check out Mark Vidler aka
Go Home Productions
He's one of the best