Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Track Four:-->"Cut The Mustard" - Old Dogs (1998)

"And you ladies...you're watchin' me sing and play.
With my belly kinda flabby...and my hair kinda gray.
But I see you lookin' that old time way at me."
Old Dogs
This super group of "Old Dogs" is a blend of four country legends. Waylon Jennings...Mel Tillis...Jerry Reed & Bobby Bare. Good ol' boys who have long been members of the almost forgotten..."True Country" club.

This CD (Old Dogs) is filled with eleven good songs....(all written by Shel Silverstein)...about getting older and the unstoppable grains of sand dropping from the hourglass of time.

Yet the joy and fun these four singers are having...is quickly captured on this disc. And easily makes the subject matter go down as smooth as front porch cider.

Granted...this isn't Sgt. Pepper. But it never started out to be. This CD simply sounds like four best friends...getting together...taking turns singing a verse...and trying to make the world a better place.

Making some pocket change from the effort almost seems like a bonus. Except these guys are worth every penny!

And why not? These "Old Dogs"...(each in their 60s upon this recording)...have paid all the dues...that anyone could ever ask. And owe absolutely no one...anything...'cept maybe a good time. And that, they do deliver.

The 4th track on this classic country collage...is the hilarious ..."Cut The Mustard". Led by Mel Tillis...each of the boys are allowed to throw in a verse...and get downright silly at times, too. Funny thing is..."Cut The Mustard" is a terrific song that should of garnered some mucho airplay. Alas...but no.

Country Music has sadly forgotten many of the troubadours that carried the torch brightening the way for others to follow. The...Old Dogs. That's a sinful thing.

Young dogs need to hunt this CD down and pick up a copy. Good stuff!

Here is 1/4 of the Old Dogs - Bobby Bare doing a classic


Old Dogs:-->"Cut The Mustard" (Old Dogs) (1998)
(Must Own)


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