Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Ramblings:-->Some Country - Some Ozzy - & Aldo Nova

"And the man that she loved
left her for somebody new.
And the girl, she dreams...
That if only they could've seen...
heart to heart."
Aldo Nova
If you like country music...People Online is allowing everyone to freely download a song from fifteen up-and-coming country singers. They're not bad either.

Sunny Sweeney and Luke Bryan and Eric Church were three that jumped out at me right away. But most all are pretty dang enjoyable. Good Stuff!

Over at "Doctor Mooney's 115th Dream"...I won a two-cd soundtrack of "I'm Not There"...(a movie bio about icon Bob Dylan)...and it's filled with 34 tracks of different artists covering BD songs.

And it's all over the board.
Doctor Mooney's contest was simply a request for one's favorite era or phase of this word smith. The winner was chosen randomly. 'Cause it's all good.

Anyway...check out
Doctor Mooney's musical blog loaded with tastefully eclectic artists. Good stuff!

I came across Ozzy Osbourne and his daughter, Kelly...performing "Changes"...on Top Of The Pops (I think) and thought it was simply awesome.

Fragile & scared...elder...rock legend father...retired in his chair and fragile & brave... rock loving daughter...looking up from floor pillows.

Say what you will...this was poignant, very sweet and nicely done.
Check it out.

Ozzy and Kelly - "Changes" Good stuff!

Every song on Aldo Nova's self-titled album should be making regular rotation on your friendly ne
ighborhood Classic Radio station.

Songs...catchy as hell...with some tasty guitar sauce sprinkled all over the disc.

It may be..that his videos were his worst enemy. Regardless...just try to keep your car under 70 while listening to this underrated gem.
Good stuff!

Aldo Nova:-->"Heart To Heart" (Aldo Nova) (1982) (Must Own)

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