Saturday, November 10, 2007

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"Mama Nature said..."It's murder what you've done.
I sent you forth my brightest world...
Now it's nearly gone".
Mama Nature said..."You're guilty of this crime.
Now it's not just a matter of fact...
But a matter of time."
Thin Lizzy
One of my favorite classic rock songs...just happens to be about a controversial subject of late.

Our environment...and the possible damage caused by our neglect or selfishness. was written by Phil Lynott and recorded by his band...Thin Lizzy ...way back in 1973.

It is the forgotten gem..."Mama Nature Said" (Vagabonds Of The Western World).

This tasty jam churns like all great "Lizzy" ones do. However...there does appear to be more than just a pinch of urgency heard in the vocals.

And the guitar/bass work going on throughout the song...flies out of the speakers with an immediacy that befits the message.

I'm not here to debate the findings of...Global Warming. Or the lack thereof. Numbers and graphs can be manipulated easily enough to prove either side of the fence you may be standing.

Irregardless...I find it relevant the song is today.
Right now! 2007.
What a perfect battle cry for change. A kick-ass song.

Whatever your position..."Mama Nature Said" is good stuff! Check it out below.

I enjoy the half-hour sports show...PTI (Pardon The Interruption) that runs weekdays on ESPN.

The format is perfect. The two hosts (Tony Kornheiser and Mike Wilbon) face-off on the big stories of the day. The best part...only 1 & 1/2 minutes are allotted for each subject. (Except for a spot called..."5 Good Minutes"...used to interview someone.)

The list of topics run down the right side of the screen...making it easy to see what the discussions will be on any given day...and is a nice feature.

Best of all...these two hosts speak like big sports fans...rather than the all to annoyingly common sport "no-it-alls".

I set my DVR to catch each episode. PTI is one of the quickest 30 minutes on television...and a must for sports fans. Good stuff!

I couldn't find "Mama Nature Said"...however this may
be the best "LIVE" version of "Jailbreak" ever captured.
Lynott & the boys definitely having a good time. Good stuff!


Thin Lizzy:-->
"Mama Nature Said" (Vagabonds Of The Western World) (1973) (Must Own)

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