Saturday, November 3, 2007

DVD Pick:-->"Some Like It Hot" (1959)

"Today I do what must be done.
I give my time to total strangers."
Billy Joel

In May 1959, director Billy Wilder's infamous comedy, "Some Like It Hot", was heating up theatres and audiences all across the country.

However, the movie was putting the cool-freeze on our "hip" State of Kansas, where the film's (ah-hem) sexual innuendos and (gasp!) cross-dressing notoriety rendered it banned and canned.

The plot revolves around two struggling musicians...Joe (Tony Curtis) and Jerry (Jack Lemon)...who unfortunately witness a Chicago mob hit and must go on the lam to avoid being murdered themselves.

In order to elude the gangsters...the duo must hitch a slow ride on a southbound train to Florida posing as members of a traveling all-girl jazz band. Joe becomes Josephine, and Jerry...Daphne. They're "walking on the wild side"...and Lou would have been proud.

It is while traveling that they first encounter the soft-hearted Sugar (Marilyn Monroe). And you can add me to the long list of guys..."in the 22nd row"...who have a hard sweet tooth.

While this 1950s pair of "Bosom Buddies" must keep their "filthy paws off (the) silky drawers"...their goo-goo eyes have no such limitations.
Joe E. Brown
I would be remiss if I didn't make mention of comedic actor...Joe E. Brown. His hilariously dead-on supporting role as wealthy, retired...happy-go-lucky...horndog on the hunt...Osgood Fielding not to be missed.

Finally, if there was any doubt at all of Billy Wilder’s genius behind the camera, recognize how the many possibilities of sex throughout this film...are simply generated from your own imagination. While the master gently takes us on a harmless, if naughty, cat-and-mouse romp.

The DVD extras are interesting...if not a little bit disappointing. It would have been nice to have Billy Wilder talk about the film...but none-the-less...Tony Curtis does share his insight into the making of the movie.

Any lover of comedy and wit will appreciate this film like a good crock-pot of stew. And not pick out the carrots and lima beans. But our good old Sunflower State not only stirred the pot of stew back in ‘59...they spilt it.

Good Stuff!

Must See Moments:
Enjoy Daphne's hilariously confused jubilation when announcing his/her engagement.
Also, watch the genius of Marilyn as she naively describes her love of jazz music on the beach. "Yeah! Real Hot!"


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It's easily this Kansan's favorite comedy.