Monday, November 12, 2007

Book Buzz:-->"Charleston" by John Jakes (2002)

"Well here's to your good looks baby...
now here's to my health.
Here's to the loaded places that we take ourselves.
When it comes to luck we make our own.
Tonight I got dirt on my hands...
but I'm building me a new home."
The Boss
Historical novels...when told well...can make for some of the best reading known to mankind. And John Jakes is just one of a small group of writers...I've come to rely on when needing a time-machine fix.

"Charleston" (2002) is another thumbs-up (sorry Roger) novel...written for those who enjoy curling up in their favorite chair...and drowning themselves in a tasty historical saga.

In this instance, John Jakes recounts a sweeping tale about the fictitious Bell family...that is carried over three generations.

Beginning from the Revolutionary War...until just after the Civil War...we see... through the eyes of those living in Charleston, South Carolina.

John Jakes has made a fine living of mixing interesting fictitious characters with well-researched historical facts...and spinning some tasty webs of intrigue and romance. Again...he does not disappoint.

"Charleston" is filled with 532 pages of courageous...and not so courageous actions...and plenty of surprises...with unexpected characters getting waxed in unexpected and sometimes unique ways.

From 1720 to 1866, the complexities of the south...and Charleston, South Carolina, in general, are captured in engrossing detail.

With characters you'll love and characters you won't..."Charleston" brings it.

Good stuff.


In 1992..."Lucky Town" was released...and to my mind...has become Bruce Springsteen's most underrated CD.

Maybe because fans felt he was deserting the "E Street Band". And at first...even I thought...whatever the CD sounded like...could never be as good with out the rest of the old gang.

For whatever reason..."Lucky Town" sadly (but quickly) hit the tradepost bins.

But here it is...2007...and the ten songs from "Lucky Town"...hold up better than Monkey Hooks at an art gallery. Pretty darn strong...and demands to be revisited.

vocals have rarely been so forceful. And his message...(after the last couple of CDs explored the fragile nature of relationships)...found him in a..."Hey look...I'm finally catching glimpses of some silver lining. I survived a bad-go...and I'm still standing!" kinda mood.

Simplistic perhaps...but when I need that extra push to get going myself..."Lucky Town" ...does the trick.

Good stuff!

The Boss:-->"Lucky Town" (Lucky Town) (1992)
(Must Own)


Zoooma said...

I kind of give the edge to Lucky Town's twin - Human Touch. But that's just me. If Human Touch if a 10, I give Lucky Town a 9.5! Great stuff!!!

Casey said...

Hey...that's fair enough. Both CDs were unfairly dismissed. 'Least out here in the Midwest. "The Boss" just one of several greats that are virtually ignored on the radio in Kansas and surrounding areas.

To be honest...I can't remember anything from "Lucky Town" swimming over the airwaves. Now that's sad! Thanks for the drop-in.

Anthony Kuzminski said...

"Lucky Town" is a sublime inner work at Springsteen's avalanche of emotions. He's never been as emotional or spot on since. I could have put this entire album on my wedding mix. It holds some of the best songs Springsteen ever comitted to tape and the few I have seen live post 2003 have been transcendent.