Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Ramblings:-->Top 4 James - With a Slice of Bolin

"Bittersweet and starlit dreams...
Come from blood red wine.
Save yours,
it seems from another time."
James Gang
My Top 4 James:
  • James Dean - I like to think I have a touch of Dean attitude myself.

James at 15

There is an interesting site - The 20x200 Blog - and it offers art lovers a chance to own a piece of work on the down-low. The idea is great...and maybe you'll see something you like.

A blog I visit daily is - Keep The Coffee Coming. Kat is a model of consistency, offering a variety of interesting artists to check out. Along with old black-n-white photos and an occasional short well-written memory. Highly recommended.

Take a look over at - Some Velvet Blog. Another cool blog...and this time he's found some terrifically odd YouTube offerings of Patti Smith, Kiss, and Cheap Trick captured on a kiddie TV show. Good Stuff.


James Gang:-->"From Another Time" (Bang) (1973)
(Must Own)

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