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Ramblings:-->Moon Martin - Paste Mag - The Avengers

"And here I sit so patiently...
waiting to find out what price
you have to pay to get out of...
going through all these things twice."
Moon Martin/courtesy B. Dylan

The highly respected music mag..."Paste" trying something different for the next couple of weeks. They are offering a full year subcription for the price of..."whatever you are willing to pay.” Very nice.
Following in the steps of...Radiohead..."Paste" is casting their line out to music fans...and seeing what they catch. Each issue also includes a tasty CD filled with a variety of tunes. Let your conscious be your guide, folks...and sign up.

Comic Corner:

Another vintage comic book find...courtesy of Prairie Dog Comics.
The Avengers #14 March 1965 (Marvel)

The ever-changing lineup for "Earth’s Mightiest Heroes" known as The Avengers ...consists this time of Captain America, Thor, Iron Man, Wasp, and Giant Man.

Wasp (has the ability to, upon shrinking, grow wings and fire blasts of energy, which she calls "wasp's stings.") is dying and diagnosed with only 48 hours to live.

The Avengers team's only option is to track down a certain physician from Norway who may have the unproven cure.

The nemesis facing The Avengers in this complete story is a ragtag lot of space aliens known as...The Kallu. Armed with weapons called "ice guns"... The Kallu try to slow The Avengers down.

Also...artwork is drawn by Jack Kirby recognized as one of the greatest comic artists by his peers and fans.

Good stuff!

Cover songs, to me, are like generic candy at Mr. Bulkys. They look delicious...but upon sampling a few...often leave a bad aftertaste in my mouth.

Yes...there are some pretty darn good cover songs out floating around in "Musicland", but the majority offered by well-intentioned artists are best left on the recording be swept into the creative crapper...and flushed.

Obviously...finding a terrific cover song is like your chances of twisting the cap off a Moutain Dew and discovering you're an instant winner. So...yes I approach these kind of musical recordings with more than a touch of cynicism.

However...I have stumbled upon a cover or two...that equals...or even betters the original. And, well...Man, that's gold, Ponyboy! And more often than not...the great cover comes from an artist you may least expect.

With this in mind...I will, from time-to-time, offer a fantastic cover song that has met my highly critical ears. Hope you enjoy them as much as I.

Oklahoma fun-time rocker...Moon a terrific jammer...with a cool voice. And perhaps an unfortunate name.
Moon Martin 2000
Moon may be best known for writing "Bad Case Of Loving You" made famous by Robert Palmer.

But Moon Martin albums are great in there own right...always filled with tasty hooks and catchy rockin' tunes to help keep your car running.
Sadly,...Moon never broke they say. Too bad.
Below is a fantastic cover of a Bob Dylan song by underrated...Moon Martin.
Good stuff!


Moon Martin:-->"Stuck Inside of Mobile..." (Lunar Samples) (2000) (Must Own)

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