Saturday, October 27, 2007

Ramblings:-->The IM Force - and The Late Great "Z" Man

"His comrades fought beside him...
Van Owen and the rest.
But of all the Thompson gunners...
Roland was the best."
Warren Zevon

Recently I discovered a couple of TV shows that I've had to add to my DVR for those times when I need a boob-tube fix. If you haven't watched these yet...put them on your must record list.

Mission Impossible - American Life (ALN) has begun running season one of this thoroughly cool b/w show. But don't expect to see Mr. Phelps choosing his team. He doesn't exist yet. Instead...the leader of the IM Force is...Mr Briggs.

That makes little difference. It's Rollin Hand (Martin Landau) who steals every scene and real-life wife Barbara Bain as Cinnamon isn't bad either.
Martin Landau & Barbara Bain
The premise:-->Our government (I think) assigns a very likely...impossible a trained covert team known as the IM Force. Their job usually involves other countries and politicians. And the kick in the teeth is..."As always, should you or any of your IM Force be caught or killed, the Secretary will disavow any knowledge of your actions." In other words...tough titty.

Mission Impossible is a well-written show and has aged extremely well. Good stuff.

Timeless - (MoJo channel) This is a 30 minute show divided into two stories. Each revolves around everyday people who have developed a love and skill for a certain sport that is often far and away removed from the major biggies.

Activities like stick ball or badminton. Knife-throwing or handicapping. It makes absolutely no difference what the focus is on. Timeless is one of the quickest and most rewarding shows on television. Simply fascinating.

If you haven't caught these on the boob-box them out and record a few episodes. You will be pleased you did.

A great site for listening and freely downloading musical performances is at...Internet Archive.

Internet Archive is filled with beau coup choices of live performances. Most by little heard of bands...But quite a few from well-known artists.

I spent a couple of hours just checking out the offerings from Warren Zevon captured live during many different points in his career.

The best features at Internet the ability to listen to individual songs performed during any given concert. And being able to download the entire concert...or cherry pick certain jams.

There is also a star rating allowed by visitors to give each performance...based on sound quality and the uniqueness of a performance or song. And a place to mention specific standout tracks, too. This is a sweet feature.

Internet Archive also has other types of media. Movies, audio, radio/podcasts and text can all be found here. And one can easily lose track of time exploring.
A must-visit. Good stuff!

The song below is just one of many fine live performances by Warren Zevon found at Internet Archive. This one is unique in that it has Warren playing a wonderful Beethoven ditty in mid-song. Zevon is great!
The Great "Z" Man
Finally, I never had the opportunity to see Warren Zevon in person. And I can't express how sad I am that I never got to show my appreciation. I was a late-comer and got on board the train...when Zevon was stepping off.

I don't mean a face-to-face meeting...but simply one fan from a thousand clapping and yelling props in hopes he would know how much joy he's given me. He's giving still.

Here is a link to a short and poignant review of when David Letterman devoted an entire show to his good friend...Warren Zevon. His last TV appearance. Unforgettable!


Warren Zevon:-->
Roland The Headless Thompson Gunner" (Live @ Wheeler Opera House 1996)
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Anonymous said...

Your tearful plea for comments over at th' TofuHaus done touched mah heart!

I like your blog, I love your blog name, and I'd probably like you too, if we ever met at an Elks Club weenie-roast.

Keep doing what you're doing, at least until you find work.

Your pal,

Pants Elk

Casey said...

Ya got to luv the ToFu Haus!

Jim said...

Man, the post on Warren Zevon just brings back so many memories. Has there ever been a less appreciated artist? I can't believe it's been, what, 30 years since Werewolves of London broke? And speaking of that, was Excitable Boy just a great album? I also loved it when he filled in on Letterman. He was such a great performer.

Casey said...

Hey infonistacrat,

Thanks for dropping in! Yeah, that Excitable Boy is a fave of mine as are several others.
Also you could tell that Letterman really cared for Zevon.
I heard somewhere they went on a road trip leaving NYC and ending up somewhere in Illinois with no plans of going there.
I bet there are many cool stories to tell about that trip!