Thursday, October 25, 2007

Classic Pick:-->Rod Stewart - "Blondes Have More Fun" (1978)

"Did you think I'd take it sitting down
and let you walk all over me...
Thought you knew me much better than that...
I keep much better company."
Rod Stewart
I suppose this album has become known as the one where Rod Stewart..."Jumps The Shark". Turning off most rockers and lovers of FM music with equal aplomb.

Considered a huge sell-out by many fans...Stewart's infamous fey disco track..."Da Ya Think I'm Sexy"...went to number one anyway. This song has made the top-ten list for worst song...and for best disco song. So apparently what fans he lost in the rocking community...he equally gained from the dancing crowd.

Sadly...Rod Stewart lost mucho respect and would never be completely forgiven by his FM compatriots...and it goes.

However...if one cares to skip the opening disco track from "Blondes Have More Fun" have a rock solid album full of tasty venom and horn dog hunting. Throw in a couple of trademark Stewart ballads that are among his best...and you got yourself a pretty good disc to spin.

"You can keep your black and your red heads. You can keep your brunettes too. I wanna girl that's semi intelligent. Gimme a blonde that's six feet two, boy, and that ain't all.” ("Blondes Have More Fun") is a terrific rocker with tasty guitar and drums.

Another great rocker...“Dirty Weekend”...has the band sounding like a three minute race to the finish Rod sings...“You book the hotel, I'll pack the bags honey. You phone the airlines. I'll call a cab. When will you return... well that all depends. Just tell your mother that you're staying with friends.” It’s the kinda naughty little number that Stewart is known for.

“I been tailed, impaled, strung up and nailed and left without a stitch.” ("Ain’t Love A Bitch") is a lost gem. A sweet deprecating song that reminds us we’ve all been stung...but we keep on playing the game. A hard song to get out of your head.

Well-writen song by Rod Stewart (lame video though)

Stewart has two gorgeous ballads that hold up better after every listen.
“The Best Days Of My Life” is delivered in Stewart’s wonderful...“apologetic” manner. And “Scarred And Scared” captures Stewart at his most vulnerable as he admits...“I know I've let my daddy down...and I broke my mother's heart. I'd give anything to turn back time again...Just give me one more start.” A song of regrets and one of his best.

There’s a terrific...“kiss it where I sit” song ("Is That The Thanks I Get") that will have many nodding their heads as RS spews...“Just where did it get ya? What satisfaction was had? You kicked the shit right in my face. Is that all the thanks I get?"
is made to sing along. And just try to keep a smile off your face.

And Stewart turns in a terrific cover of The Four Tops'...”Standing in the Shadows of Love” and he very nearly owns it! Good stuff.

As for the rest...well...everything is catchy with plenty of hooks. A great collection of songs.

Now...about that disco song...”DYTIS”...the song strikes this rocker as being just a little too sissy for my taste. And with the “Rod Man” rumored to paddle from both sides of the boat...well...that’s an image in my mind I can do without.

“Not that there’s anything wrong with that, Jerry.”

Bottom Line: “Blondes Have More Fun” offers plenty of reasons to add this one to your collection.


Rod Stewart:-->“Is That The Thanks I Get” (Blondes Have More Fun) (1978) (Must Own)

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