Monday, October 15, 2007

100th Post:-->Billy Joe Shaver

"Nobody here will ever find me,
But I will always be around.
Just like the songs I leave behind me...
I'm gonna live forever now."
Billy Joe & Eddy Shaver
My 100th post had to throw props to someone truly special. Like my first post with John Prine.

Billy Joe Shaver is the real deal. A true "hoss".
A dues-paying country outlaw that sings what he lives.

And an unjustly ignored songwriter (except by his peers) who writes and sings songs just made for sitting on the porch sharing a cold one with friends. Pick up anything by Billy Joe. He never disappoints. See below for my recommendation.

This is post 100 in my journey of blogging. It's come pretty fast and has been much more time consuming than I originally believed.

For those who have reached this milestone...I throw props your direction...and I'm sure you understand how I'm feeling.

Let me thank all my regular readers who find my jumble of words somewhat entertaining.

And those who find the time to leave a comment every once in a while...Thank you!

A hundred posts and I still get excited when I find a comment has been left under my tree.
Validation...What can I say?

The blogs I list along the side of my own...I consider family...And highly recommend new visitors to explore a few of them.

I realize this simple blog is small potatoes in the large "blog-world" scheme of things.

But THE MUSIC...THE BOOKS...& THE DVDs I choose to review...are important to me...and have given me great joy.

Finally, for any artist who may google their name and stumble upon my blog...I do this because I love your work...and want others to love it, too.

Billy Joe Shaver:-->"Live Forever" (Unshaven: Live at Smith's Olde Bar) (1995) (Must Own)


whiteray said...

Congrats indeed! You're a constant source of new titles to read and new thoughts about the music. Keep on rocking!

-tom said...

A fantastic first 100 it was, always interesting and insightful.
Here's to many 100's more.
Keep 'em coming !

bob said...

100 more-thank you.

mcfarland said...

Just made for session on the porch distribution a cold one with friends,