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Ramblings:-->Star Trek:TNG Guilty Pleasure Episodes -&- Track Four

"Tea. Earl Grey. Hot."
~ Captain Picard ~

Ten Guilty Pleasure ST:TNG Episodes
(No 2-Parters)

1. The Game (Season 5) Riker brings back a game so threatens the safety of the Enterprise. (Go Wes).

2. The Most Toys (Season 3) -------Data becomes a nutty collector's newest artifact and is on his own to escape.

3. Conspiracy (Season 1) ------ Captain Picard is sent to check-out a few Starfleet Admirals and finds they are being controlled by bug-like parasites. Not good!

4. Justice (Season 1) -----Wesley mistakenly breaks a law on a "Pleasure Planet". And all laws broken...are punished by death. Wesley spoils the fun.

5. A Matter Of Honor
(Season 2) ----- First Officers from the Enterprise and the Klingon ship switch places for purposes of better understanding the other's culture.
6. A Fistful Of Datas (Season 6) ----- Worf and Alexander spend a day in the holodeck (old west style) with disastrous results.

7. The Royale
(Season 2) ----- Riker, Worf and Data transport over to a floating structure that resembles a Las Vegas casino...with no way out.
8. Brothers (Season 4) ----- Data meets his father and brother Lore.

9. Elementary, Dear Data
(Season 2) ----- One of many Holodeck problems where Data's Sherlock Holmes program malfunctions and Professor Moriarty becomes a real adversary.

10. The Next Phase (Season 5) ----- Geordi & Ro are thought dead and witness their own funeral.


"Track Four"
is my small way of paying homage to my dad.

While he was in college...when anyone picked up a new was tradition to play..."Track Four"...first. Supposedly..."Track Four"...was symbolic of whatever album one was listening too.

Where this started is unknown. And any actual statistics on this particular track would be purely subjective. But anyway...I think it's kinda a "freaky long-haired' sorta way.

Track Four: "Taurus" --  Spirit / self-titled debut (1968).

"Taurus" is a beautiful instrumental guitar piece provided by lead guitarist...Randy California. There are some nice backing strings as the song a progressive rock sound. Very nice ambiance.

Randy California once played with Jimi Hendrix in one of his early bands...and it was Jimi who gave Randy his last name.

It is this song..."Taurus"...that Jimmy Page/Led Zeppelin is accused of lifting the guitar intro for their 1971 classic..."Stairway To Heaven".

Page has always denied this...but listening to "Taurus"...does cause one to pause. Listen and see what you think.

Either way..."Taurus" is an excellent song.

Good stuff.

Casey Chambers
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