Monday, August 27, 2007

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"Nice look like a referee.
Nice watch...but why are you timing me?
Its spring has come unwound.
I was not out of bounds."
Michael Penn
Since being privy to the DVR my cable offers here in Kansas...It would be very, very hard to give it up.

The ease of spontaneous recording is amazingly simple...and I find myself doing this almost daily. However I do have a few shows setup for my DVR to record whenever a new episode runs. That's a simple feature, too.

On that are my favorite PBS shows I regularly DVR.

McLaughlin Group --- This is a blast to watch.
I love the questions that John McLaughlin fires out to the 4 person group. The bantering is smart and fast. The topics always revolve around political news happenings of the week...and it is one of the fastest 30 minutes on television.
Smart, fast and funny. With plenty of food-for-thought. Byah-Byah!

Antique Roadshow --- I love antique stores. And the historical significance of the various collectible items brought to the show is nothing short of fascinating.

The fact that something/anything has survived into the 21st century...when you consider the nothing short of magical.

And though this sounds mean...I get a laugh when someone brings in an item...and finds out it ain't worth squat.
Perfect show for when you're under the weather.

Austin City Limits --- No surprise here. I can't tell you how many artists I've been introduced to...since discovering the show. Garth Brooks...Lyle Lovett...Tom Waits...John Prine...and the list goes on. These episodes I try to save for posterity.

P.O.V. --- It makes no difference what the subject is about. These independent non-fiction films are truly excellent.
Always leaving an emotional bullet in your memory...P.O.V. offers an intriguing...often personal...look at issues for the most part ignored. Good stuff.

Sessions At West 54th --- Boo-hoo! My PBS no longer carries this musical treat. The show was a natural bookend for ACL...and was always a must watch over the weekend.
And watching John Hiatt struggle through his post-concert interviews...made me feel like Larry King.
I miss it.

Anything else I should be watching on PBS?

And To Other Things:
Michael Penn
Michael Penn is an underrated songwriter and singer and I'm amazed that he hasn't broke others of his ilk. Perhaps being brother to Oscar winner Sean Penn has kept many listeners from taking Michael seriously. As if Michael is just riding coattails.

I assure you...this is not the case.
Free For All
With Beatlesque vocals that float over nice guitar work...Penn shares whimsical tales mixed with biting...often bitter...darts that has enough backbone to please even the worst doubter. Penn's lyrics are easily stand alone poetry that begs for re-listening.
Good stuff!


Michael Penn:-->"Free Time" (Free For All) (1992)
(Own This CD)

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