Friday, August 31, 2007

Ramblings:-->College Football & A Lost Gem By Chicago

"We tried so hard to make the grade...
By making music day to day.
Although our task is never done...
You ought to know it's just begun."
College football season has finally arrived. I love this time of I have listed a few predictions for the season. My predictions carry as much weight as the plethora of so-called experts around the tube and the blog...I suppose. So here goes...

Totally Bold College Football Predictions

1)USC loses to Cal AND Oregon...shocking the college BCS pundits..

2)Penn State shocks BCS by going undefeated in the Big 10. Jo Pa gets the big one.

3)Kansas coach..."The Round Man" Mangino leads his Jayhawks to an 8-3 record beating Nebraska for the Big 12 North title. And finally quiets the nay-sayers.

4)Notre Dame starts out a disappointing 1-5 this season.

Ya just never know.

On the subject of football...Here is my Fantasy League Team this year.
Round Pick Player Position
  1. (8) Frank Gore RB
  2. (13) Rudi Johnson RB
  3. (28) T.J. Houshmandzadeh WR
  4. (33) Marc Bulger QB
  5. (48) Edgerrin James RB
  6. (53) Hines Ward WR
  7. (68) Philip Rivers QB
  8. (73) Alge Crumpler TE
  9. (88) Pittsburgh DEF
  10. (93) D.J. Hackett WR
  11. (108) Bernard Berrian WR
  12. (113) Ben Roethlisberger QB
  13. (128) Tatum Bell RB
  14. (133) Seattle DEF
  15. (148) Stephen Gostkowski K
So...that's how my draft went.

I think Berrian might be the steal.. I expect a big year from him.
DJ Hackett might be a stretch.
My running backs look pretty strong.

I'm thinking of joining a second league. Any suggestions?


On to some great music:

An underrated my mind...has always been Chicago...and I really enjoy the album..."Chicago II".
They were hitting on all cylinders and guitarist Terry Kath never sounded better.

Chicago w/Terry Kath performing "I'm A Man" from their 1st album.

As good as their first album is...I call Chicago II...a definite Must Own as well. And how can you NOT like that "kick brass" section! A nice price, too!. Get it!


Chicago:-->"Movin' In" (Chicago II) (1970) (Must Own)


whiteray said...

"Movin' In" is a great track, but then I like the whole album. Not sure about KU being that strong. I tend to think Mizzou will take the division, although I have also have rooted for Nebraska in the past. Looks like a good fantasy team. I have a team in the Yahoo! package. I'll send you a roster sometime this week. I feel pretty good about it. Have a good holiday weekend!

Jim said...

Ok, so two things here. It is Ohio State that runs the table and wins it all, NOT Penn State. :-)

And are spot on with Chicago! There are so many great bands I have forgotten about, but I am ashamed to say that this is one of them!

Casey said...

WhiteRay...Send me your roster...& the order picked...if you remember. That always fascinates me.
My Kansas U prediction leans probably more on the wishful thinking side.
Chicago was spot on with the horns.

Infonistacrat...I was waitin' for some one to bust my chops on my Penn St. hunch. Thank you very much!!
I just love the old man Joe Pa...& the Big Ten looks super tough to run the tables.
And with "Chicago" and others...its fun pulling that neglected song off an album..and bringing it out in the open for a second look. intentions (as are yours and so many others) are to bring added props and attention to artists/albums that have slipped through the cracks...over time...or whatever.

Thank you both for dropping by!

display said...

Hey Casey,
Thanks for your comment on Randy Newman. You should run it over here. This Chicago w/ Kath is great. Thanks again.