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Introduction:-->Jackson Browne...and Some Lost Gems

"Early today as I watched while the skyline was shaking
I heard a rumbling.
Early today the mechanical city was waking.
And I ran out stumbling, mumbling...
Out through the laughter of children and dogs."
Jackson Browne
There have only been a few artists I gravitate to...when in need of re-discovering my .."hurts".
But only one artist, for me, has explored...and expressed...the infinite daggers of love...that lead to so many varieties of joy...and pain...with such dead-on Jackson Browne.

Many different pages of emotions...that occur within the duration of any important relationship have been captured...for a short the razor sharp honesty of Browne's pen...and fragile vocals.

And though Jackson Browne, like every artist, has a few "best of" collections available for the consumer...The record company seldom gets it right...when it comes to..what songs to include...and what to leave out.

And it bothers me to think...that if only a "best-of" CD is all some ill-informed consumer purchases from any particular artist...well...the great songs they may never nothing short...of a musical crime.

So...with that in are my favorite songs by Jackson Browne...I find myself returning to...again and again...that are not included on any of his..."compilation" offerings.
Jackson Browne on RS 1975

In no particular order...ten more great Jackson Browne songs.

1. "The Road And The Sky" --------- Late For The Sky (1974)
("When we come to the place where the road and the sky collide.
Throw me over the edge and let my spirit glide.")

2. "Rosie" --------------- Running On Empty (1977)
("Of all the times that I've been burned, By now you'd think I'd have learned.
That it's who you look like...Not who you are.")

3. "From Silver Lake" -------- Saturate Before Using (1972)
("Did you see our brother? He was here the other day,
But he only came to say that he can't breathe here.
Did you see his lady? She was reaching for his hand,
Just as if to tell her man that she can't either.")

4. "Two Of Me, Two Of You" ------- I'm Alive (1993)
("Me and the fool I've been...And the two of you.")

5. "The Only Child" --------- The Pretender (1976)
("And when you've found another soul...Who sees into your own,
Take good care of each other.")

6. "Ready Or Not" ------- For Everyman (1973)
("I met her in a crowded barroom..One of those typical Hollywood scenes.
I was doing my very best Bogart, but I was having trouble getting into her jeans.)

7. "Hold On Hold Out" ------- Hold Out (1980)
("You're a hold out. Well I'm a hold out too.
But it took me all this time to figure out Something you already knew.
Will love be true? Can it pull you through?
How long? How strong? Some things depend on you.")

8. "Our Lady Of The Well" ---- For Everyman (1973)
("It is a dance we do in silence...Far below this morning sun,
You in your life, me in mine...We have begun.")

9. "My Stunning Mystery Companion" ----- The Naked Ride Home (2002)
("There's no doubt that you're the reason I'm still standing.")

10. "Song For Adam" -------- Saturate Before Using (1972)
("Together we went traveling, as we received the call.
His destination India, and I had none at all.")

There you have it. And I could easily throw in another ten songs without hesitation. But the best way to experience Jackson by picking up one of his studio releases and taking it home.

Here is JB performing the beautifully sad... "Two Of Me, Two Of You". Check it out.

There are two of me
And two of you
Two who have betrayed love
And two who have been true
And together we went crashing through
Every bond and vow and faith we knew
Me and the fool I've been
And the two of you

Of the two of me
One always knew
That I would always love you
Whatever you might do
And the more unfree and troubled you grew
I could feel the whole world splitting in two
Trying to make the room
For the two of you.

So like a fragile little child
More than a little lost and wild
How the light would leave the sky when you cried
And returned again when you smiled
And how the light would invade and divide
The darkness I have inside

There were two of me
And two of you
Searching for a passageway
Hidden from our view
And together we went crashing through
Every bond and vow and faith we knew
Me and the fool I've been
And the two of you.

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Good stuff!

Casey Chambers

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jb said...

Nice post.

There are some choice YouTube's of a 1976 concert in this subscription

whiteray said...

Nice post, Casey. I ran across Jackson in the mid-1970s, just after finishing college. I'm not much on his recent stuff, but his first six albums -- wow. To me, the most haunting line in any of his stuff comes just before the lines you quoted from "Hold On, Hold Out." That is: "See... I always figured I was going to meet somebody here."

Don't know why . . . but it always gives me chills.

Keep up the good work!

-tom said...

Great post !,
It's so true, there are so many lost gems that "best of" sets never include.

Anonymous said...

i'd forgotten just how much i loved jackson browne. from silver lake is so beautiful. : )

Anonymous said...

Even at 48, his early stuff hits me really hard. I can't listen to his music on my commute because I can't risk having a train full of people see me just fucking sobbing.

Texture612 said...

I always come back to Browne's early works to get centered in my life.
The guy has captured my emotions for years. His work is truly stunning.