Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Classic Pick:-->Pete Townshend - Who Came First (1972)

"Find it, I got to hear it all again...
My heart has heard the sound of harmony.
Blind to it, as my tears fall again
It's only by the music I'll be free."
Pete Townshend
Rarely does a 30 plus year old album...thumb its nose at time...and sound as brand when it was released. An album that still feels relevant and fresh today.

If you can imagine glistening morning dew catching sunlight as the world greets a new day...then you will have a pretty good inkling of the ...joyful and uplifting gift...Pete Townshend has given us...with his unjustly forgotten..."Who Came First".

Recorded in '72, Townshend creates an acoustical tour-de force ..that 'rocks out and mellows in' with equal pleasure. In fact, first time listeners will discover...what many already know...Townshend is a most under-rated guitarist.

With one listen of “Who Came First“...a Townshend soon will be.

The songs throughout reveal a devotion he has for his spiritual mentor...Meher Baba...but the songs are no way dragged down by dogma. Pete’s faith gives each song a....handshake feel...rather than a fist.
Meher Baba on 1970 Rolling Stone
“There once was a note, pure and easy...Playing so free, like a breath rippling by.“ (Pure And Easy)...opens the CD with one of the best pop/rock songs ever. “Evolution” has Pete’s buddy, Ronnie Lane adding vocals in terrific front porch jam fashion.

“Forever’s No Time At All“ perfectly displays his childlike voice...that I’ve always been more partial to...than Daltrey's. (Thanks to a reader..."Forever..." is Billy Nicholls' vocals...NOT Pete.) And the anthemic “Let’s See Action (Nothing Is Everything)" builds to speaker busting crescendo...and will easily have you singing along.

“I’m playing my guitar while my sister bangs a jar” (Time Is Passing) is a wonderful reminder of how we are all here for only a short time.

Another favorite is Pete’s loving tribute to his guitar as he sings “I’m sitting in the Sheraton Gibson playing my Gibson...Thinking ‘bout a sunny barbeque.“ (Sheraton Gibson).

Townshend joining Vedder doing primo justice to "Sheraton Gibson."

Finally, the closing track (before the added bonus goodies) is "Parvardigar"...from Meher Baba's "Universal Prayer” that Pete Townshend set to music. Beautiful.

As I mentioned, 9 bonus goodies have been added...which are all pretty decent as bonus tracks go. Especially, the name-droppers delight...“The Seeker”.

If the 60’s was...”I hope I die before I get old”...this 70’s offering has Townshend reconsidering...sharing more of his...”Hope I live to see my grandchildren” attitude.
I think there’s room for both. Good Stuff!


Pete Townshend:-->"Time Is Passing" (Who Came First) (1972)
(Must Own)


Anonymous said...

Billy Nicholls sings the vocal on Forever's No Time At All.

Casey said...

Thanks for the comment. I did not recognize Billy Nicholls it pertains to the RnR world. Come to find out Billy N. is quite an accomplished singer/songwriter in his own right.
I'll make a correction...and thanks for dropping by.