Sunday, August 19, 2007

Book Buzz:-->"Montana 1948" by Larry Watson (1995)

"What about the one who said he loved you?
What about the one who said he cared?
He's up in the High Sierra...
But don't bother looking there."
Boz Scaggs

"Montana 1948" is a tale of an unforeseen and terribly complex family seen through the eyes of a twelve-year old boy.

Written in Larry Watson the sweet innocence of youth is sadly chipped issues of family loyalty...and unexpected prejudices are confronted.

The disappointment felt when someone admired lets you down...And the difficulty...coming to grips...understanding the moral thing to achingly on display in this thoughtful novel.

And the sub-plots that Watson adds to this 182 page story...only helps in seeing the big picture...and provides us different insights to the problems.

And...sadly...reminds us...that not every problem...can be wrapped up with pretty bows and ribbons.

It is easy to understand the comparisons to the classic novel..."To Kill A Mockingbird"...that have been thrown Larry Watson's direction...however..."Montana 1948" is not as gentle a read.

Good Stuff!


Boz Scaggs released "Some Change" in 1994 and it completely slipped under the radar. 'The Boz" has never sounded better. Blues and Soul...Jazz and Rock. It's all here. A definite lost gem.

Boz Scaggs:-->"Sierra" (Some Change) (1994) (Must Own)

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