Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Book Buzz:-->"Legacies" by F. Paul Wilson (1998)

"I ain't gonna work.
I ain't gonna work no more.
Stay in bed...Til' I'm satisfied.
And let my head...Take a softer ride."
Status Quo
If you have yet to read a..."Repairman Jack" novel...skip a movie some time and curl up with..."Legacies"...a story whose main character is a cross between...
Jason Bourne
Jack Bauer.

The only difference is..."Repairman Jack"...offers his services to the everyday person least likely to find help anywhere else. "RJ's brand of justice never fails to ...satisfy.

F. Paul Wilson has created a fascinating character in "Repairman Jack"...and writes him into fresh plotlines that are always thriller...sometimes horror in nature...with a touch of X-Files thrown in for good measure.

"Legacies" is Wilson's second "Repairman Jack" novel...filled with 440 pages of straight-up mystery.

The story revolves around a mysterious house once owned by an extremely gifted scientist...who has willed it to his daughter. She wants nothing to do with this endowment...but anyone she hires to fix up the problem...ends up needing a coffin.

And thus...the plot thickens.

There are plenty of delicious twists and turns throughout "Legacies"...making for great page-turning bliss. F. Paul Wilson is one of my favorites. Good stuff!


Status Quo:-->"Softer Ride" (Hello) (1973) (Must Own)

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