Friday, August 10, 2007

Book Buzz:-->"Choke" by Chuck Palahniuk (2001)

"Solid gold brass got a mean streak
And it's running through my veins.
Solid gold brass gotta green streak
And it's going to my brain."
The Sweet
Chuck Palahniuk became an author to reckon with...when his novel "Fight Club" was adapted to the big screen.

Readers soon discovered that Palahniuk creates his characters with a "kiss-it-if-you- don't-like-it" attitude.

In "Choke" (as with most of his novels)...characters are presented with brutally honest ideas...politically incorrect opinions and unattractive human truths...warts and all.

Readers will find "Choke"...refreshingly interesting...if not disgusting...and the author will leave them...the decide where the really drawn.

Writing in a style often compared to the great Kurt Vonnegut...Palahniuk novels are difficult to explain..without giving too much away. And, of course, the unexpected is what has given this author such an underground following.

To prepare anyone for this short 304 page novel...I will brief...describe the main character.

Introducing Vincent Mancini. A sexual addict who attends sexaholic meetings...for the purpose of hooking up with other deviants...and to learn novel ways of achieving...the proverbial...body buzz.

Vincent also eats at nice restaurants...only to purposely...choke...on get a free meal...and hopefully...add another stranger to his list of lifesavers who feel responsible for his life and provide Vincent with money to live and take care of his nursing home bound mother.

With all this that I have offered...I have NOT...spoiled...the just of the story...which I will leave for the reader to wrestle well as...try to maintain their chuckling volume to a reasonable level.
Good Stuff!

Below is a cool YouTube clip of The Sweet performing a ..."lost classic"...featuring the late Brian Connolly as lead vocalist. Good Stuff!


The Sweet:-->
"Solid Gold Brass" (Desolation Boulevard) (1974) (Must Own)


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