Friday, July 6, 2007

Ramblings:-->Rick Derringer..&.."Facing The Music"

"I anybody here
Or is this my private dream.
I'm gonna pinch myself to see
'Cause it's such a scary, scary, scary dream."
Rick Derringer
"All-American Boy"... the 1973 debut solo album by Rick Derringer was played regularly around my house while I was growing up.

When my parents weren't cranking RD up on a Saturday morning...the Classic Radio stations would blast Derringer's most famous jam through the speakers on a regular basis.
"Rock 'n Roll Hoochie Koo" was the opening track on his CD...and Derringer's signature number...easily clearing cobwebs accumulated from the night before.

However...having heard this great jam a million times on the was the other eleven songs from "All-American Boy" I was drawn too.

Many of the songs should have long been getting Classic Radio air-play.

"Jump, Jump, Jump" is my favorite song from Derringer's gem debut. The last track on the CD has Derringer having a dream about suicide. And the dream must have made one hell of an impression...because Derringer floats notes from his guitar as if he is re-living the dream. Atmospheric...and beautiful.

Below is a recent...but sadly, short clip of Rick Derringer playing some nice guitar from "Jump, Jump, Jump". Turn It Up!
Good Stuff!

A long-awaited biography about the wonderful singer/songwriter Steve Goodman, who passed away September 20, now available.

Author Clay Eals has left no stone unturned in "Facing The Music" 800 page bio about singer/songwriter Steve Goodman...who, from the age of 20 was told by doctors he had a fatal disease.
It is a no-holds-barred biography with nearly everyone who has ever worked with Goodman on or off stage...providing input for author Clay Eals.

Many well-known names are dropped throughout this fascinating look at the life of Steve Goodman. Often with hilarious results.

Along with the purchase of "Facing The Music" Clay Eals has added a Steve Goodman tribute CD filled with music about the man at no additional charge. The author will also provide an autograph with each book sold.

Be sure to take a look at author Clay Eals website for more information.

I always thought Steve Goodman was great and wished I'd gotten a chance to see him in person.
Below is just one of my favorite songs by the man---Steve Goodman.


Rick Derringer:-->"Jump, Jump, Jump" (All American Boy) (1973) *(Must Own)*

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Anonymous said...

All American Boy was/is one of the worst covers/titles of the '70s rock & roll, no doubt. That cover alone almost ruined the carrer of Derringer (and the cover of his subsequent record just help to kill any chance of mass acceptance)... But when you pass that and put the record to play.... man, what a nice music Derringer and the guys delivered here... Hard rock, jazzy tunes (hey, even Toots Thielemans plays harmonica in one of the tracks), soul, you got it all here, and done with guts and soul. Really well crafted record by Derringer, and one of the classics from the '70s rock music.