Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Ramblings:-->Don Knotts & the Haunting

"Just like a rollin' stone
I'm outside lookin' in.
But if your chance came would you take it
Where on earth do I begin."

I loved Don when he died last year...I wanted to honor my fallen hero by paying my respects in a way only he would truly appreciate.

After much grappling, I decided to spend an entire night in the documented haunted McNeil Hall on Newman U. campus, alone, much the way Mr. Knotts did in one of the most under-rated films of all-time, “The Ghost and Mr. Chicken”.
So after getting permission from the powers that be and informing security of my plans, I set to work preparing myself for the long night ahead.

At 10:03 pm, I was met by security who allowed me entrance into the Newman Building. I was armed with only a flashlight, a camera, a sleeping bag, (used only to separate me from the hard, cold floor), my cell phone, (I was required to check-in hourly with security), and two large containers of Quik Trip’s “Mighty Mocha” (with caffeine-plus).

As the doors closed in behind me, I was reminded that in the course of human events, everyone must cross the invisible line that detaches us from our comfort-zone.
Consider me detached!

Let me say, before I go any further, I did not see any ghosts. I stayed awake the entire night and traveled throughout the halls and stairs of all three floors and basement. Unfortunately, (or fortunately), the apparitions I so wanted to capture on camera did not appear.

However, two strange things occurred that night, (which I'll get to shortly) I could not easily explain. I wasn’t harmed, of course, but I certainly had reason to pause while trying to make time fly a little faster.

My game plan was to walk all three floors, setting up my command post in the middle of each hall throughout the night. As my eyes adjusted to the dark shadows cast by the small red exit signs posted at each end, I tried forcing away all reminders of ghost sightings from my mind. (Easier said than done).
Much the way I felt that night
It had been quiet all night, until about 4:10 am, while on the 3rd floor I began hearing what sounded like soft footsteps climbing the south end stairwell. I assure you I was the only one in the building,. Upon my investigation, I noticed only an odd, musty smell.

Finally, I heard the sound of tapping against glass, similar to the way my grandfather would drum his knuckles on the dinner table. It was coming from the south end of the hall window. I was on the 2nd floor at the time and saw nothing.

As morning began to break, I gathered up my ghost hunting equipment and headed for the door, dreading my 8:00 class. I took one final look around. And as the late, great Don Knotts would have said, “Time to nip it. Nip it in the bud!”
My article from The Vantage.Newman U. edited.


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