Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Book Buzz:-->"King Rat" by James Clavell (1962)

"And it took me years to figure out
That there was nothing I could give to you.
And years to figure out
That there was nothing you would take from me.
And how can I describe
The way you slowly took my hope away.
And all of the time
I thought I knew you."
Matthew Sweet
In this 496 page novel...James Clavell takes us to Changi Prison...a WWII prison camp filled with American and English POW...captives of the Japanese.

Conditions are horrible. Rank means nothing. It soon becomes "survival of the fittest" for the prisoners just to stay alive.

Enter The King. A low-ranking corporal who becomes the top-dog in camp ...(envied and hated) for his ability to manipulate others with his bartering to procure eggs and other foods...cigarettes...even medicine to keep himself healthy...And others. But at what a price?

Clavell forces the reader to question our obligations...when it comes to honor and loyalty...and keeping ones foot out of the grave. A terrific ending. Good stuff!


Matthew Sweet:-->"Thought I Knew You" (Girlfriend) (1991)
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