Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Ramblings:-->Seatbelt Laws & Truckstop Honeymoon

"And you say you don't see it when a grown man starts to cry,
You turn your face away and you walk on by."
Steve Forbert
Finally, a state has gotten it right (New Hampshire) by stepping up and defeating the ridiculous and extremely over-stepping "Mandatory Seatbelt Law'. It is the only state to do so.

Here, in Kansas, politicians and media are hard at work trying to convince everyone that the "Mandatory Seatbelt Law" is a much-needed benefit to our society. And how could anyone be against this law. It's for out own protection! (sarcasm).

Heaven forbid, we American citizens be allowed to think for ourselves.
Bush/No seatbelt
So concerned for our safety, our government (for our own good) will assess a fine of $80 to be levied on anyone breaking this law. After's all about human safety (not the money) and a sane person can not be against that! (sarcasm).

Oh yea...and while they pull you over for failing to buckle-up...our men-in-blue can search your vehicle. How convenient says the "Church Lady". Do you think there will be any motivation trying to catch offenders! (sarcasm).

This is just another brick taken from our personal freedom wall.

Bottom line: Be wary of government officials who try to wrap up and disguise a bill with "let's protect our citizens" BS.

Indie Introduction:

Truckstop Honeymoon

Truckstop Honeymoon
is good. Real good!

This husband/wife duo (Katie Euliss & Mike West) hailing from Lawrence, Ks via New Orleans, create a country & hillbilly sound smothered with a touch of Blues that is as easy to warm up to as morning biscuits with gravy.

Their songwriting is natural and unforced and delivered with a rare confidence that easily will bring a smile to the listener. Truckstop can spin a humorous tale one minute and then quickly put their hearts on both their sleeves the next.

What sets them apart is how they push the envelope without losing site of their roots. And they want us, the listener, to relax and trust that they will bring us back worse for

Truckstop Honeymoon offers a few mp3s for everyone to sample and CDs to purchase.
Go here and click on CD

For those unfamiliar with this brand of music...I strongly recommend adding them to your musical crayon box. This is good stuff.

Truckstop Honeymoon:-->"Johnny & June" (Delivery Boy)

Steve Forbert:-->"On The Streets Of This Town" (Streets Of This Town) (1988)
(Must Own)

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