Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Lost Stream Gem: --> 'The Killing" (1956)

"You're just a bad loser.
And you'll never let go
and you're gonna go down."
~ Fleetwood Mac ~

Stanley Kubrick was just starting to get his directorial feet wet at the time of his third film, "The Killing" (1956).

Still, he managed to slip in enough unique ideas to announce him as an up and coming film-making maverick.

The movie revolves around a carefully planned robbery at a horse track by a gang of small time sad sacks. The film is presented in precise time frames allowing the viewer to see the crime unfold from many different perspectives.

Every detail of the crime is laid out to the minute, right down to a choreographed fight initiated by hired brute, Maurice...who bears a striking resemblance to the hairy backed, George "The Animal" Steele).
Absolutely no room for error.  And so, of course...

There is also a deliciously malfunctioning relationship subplot between mousey husband George (Elisha Cook Jr.) and his cheating beeotch of a wife, Sherry (Marie Windsor).

Both are fun to watch.  And although all the major players appear destined for failure, only the nasty duplicitous Sherry is truly deserving of her fate.

Must See Moment: Watch the edge-of-your-seat airport scene.

"Bad Loser" - Fleetwood Mac / Heroes Are Hard To Find (1974)

Well you thought you had a hold on me
But it's different now
Everything you done before has fell upon you now

Are you just a bad loser
But you never let go
(and you're gonna go down)
Yes you'll go down, but you'll never let it show

All the strings and strokes in the ocean
Won't buy you peice of mind
All because you did what you did
You're not the peaceful kind

You're just a bad loser
And you'll never let go
(and you're gonna go down)
Yes you'll go down, but you'll never, never let it show

I think you really know what I mean
But I'll tell you one more time
Oh cause it's the truth and you know it
That you're no friend of mine.

Good stuff.

Casey Chambers


Liberty said...

Thanks for the Fleetwood Mac song. Very nice choice.

Casey said...

Your welcome. The album is filled with lots of nice moments.