Friday, April 13, 2007

Classic Pick:-->Rolling Stones - A Bigger Bang (2005)

"I walk the streets of love
And they're drenched with tears." Rolling Stones

A Bigger Bang
is a fitting title for the Rolling Stones’ latest album. It is their first album of new material in eight years, and their first of the 21st century.

While none of the Stones’ latter day albums have been on quite the same grand scale as their early 1970s work, there are still some that hold up much better than others.

Even though this would not rank with my top five favorite albums from the band, it is still their finest effort since Tattoo You (1981), which means that some of the Rolling Stones’ best music in nearly 25 years can be found here. You would never guess that these guy are in their sixties by hearing them crank on A Bigger Bang.

My favorite track is "Streets Of Love". It is a hauntingly beautiful ballad that shows that the Stones can be quite melodic. The chorus of the song is great and gives Mick Jagger the opportunity to show the wide range of his voice.

“Rain Fall Down” is another standout. It has a good groove, and will leave you searching for the repeat button.
The Stones also deliver some thoughtful, ponderous songs in the form of “Biggest Mistake” and “It Won’t Take Long”.

The former is a sad song that shows the regret one may feel after ending a relationship with someone who cares about them. The latter displays some philosophical lyrics that work well, especially when they are set against the pace of the music. “You can lose the love of a lifetime/ in a single roll/ you can gain a fortune in an instant/ or you can lose your soul.”

“She Saw Me Coming” is a catchy number and fun to sing along with...especially the 45 second fadeout. The lyrics show that the Stones still have a good sense of humor. “She busted in/and she burglarized my soul/but now the bad news/She’s out on parole.”

Other highlights include “Rough Justice”, the album’s ball-breaking opening rocker, and the satisfyingly melodic "Let Me Down Slow.”

Keith Richards sings lead vocal on two of the 16 tracks and shows he knows his way around a song. Taking center stage on “This Place Is Empty”...Keith throws down a worn and tender voice. While on “Infamy”, the album’s closer, he spins his funkyness with Jagger playing some good harmonica.

Sadly dismissed by much of the masses...all in all, this is a pretty solid and satisfying outing from The Worlds Greatest Rock and Roll Band. It’ll hurt you.
(1st appear. Vantage/Newman U.)


Rolling Stones-->"Streets Of Love" off A Bigger Bang (2005)
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whiteray said...

Nice post, Casey, and thanks for the listen. I'm not sure they are now -- I might put U2 into that slot -- but I know that for about four years during my youth (Beggar's Banquet through Exile on Main Street), the Stones were in fact the greatest! Thanks a lot!

Casey said...

Whiteray...I would have to say that part of the Stones "Greatest Band" label may have had to do with the wicked decadence they brought(bring) to the table. An attribute that few bands could claim.
Thankd for visiting.

Anonymous said...

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