Monday, April 23, 2007

Classic Pick: -->Pink Nasty - Mold The Gold (2006)

"May I stand here for a while...
and I don't get in anyone's way?"
Pink Nasty

There is a plethora of indie music being hyped and offered for sampling on the net, as you well know.

Unfortunately, (and perhaps this is what keeps us coming back), in order to find that small percentage of truly great and interesting bands or songs, one must wade thru a tumultuous sea of mp3 mediocrity to occasionally Sherlock a song with head-nodding appeal.

And because of the enormous number of song links one has to meander through to unwrap a choice cherry…it is without a doubt a sweet rush when the fates of fortune lead us to a goodie.

Such is the case of this latest gem find..."Mold The Gold".

Singer/songwriter “Pink Nasty“ (Sarah Beck) has set up shop in Austin, Texas and, along with her brother, “Black Nasty”, wrote all the songs on this 13 track offering. Pink’s vocals are a slice of Fiona & Jewel smothered in Chrissie Hynde swagger and delivered with more confidence than should be legally allowed.

Playing several instruments (guitar, keys, bass), Pink along with seasoned musicians Jeremy Snider (bass) and Steve Squire (drums, guitar) create a montage of clever and catchy pop rock jams with a west-of-Venus sense of humor that will spin easily in your car stereo and kick…just a little bit…of your academic ass.

On the terrific, “BTK Blues”, an ominous guitar sound draws in the listener as “Pink” sings of the indifferent lifestyle that permeated the city during his reign. There’s a killer on the loose / and I’m not even phased / who’d want me anyway? and a middle break that has a voice warning, “It’s dark now / you should head home.“ (The salivating killer mumbling to himself while looking for new “projects”, perhaps?) Also, the undercurrent of bass work is nicely done. This track easily makes my top-ten list of best indie songs of 2006.

“Ask me anything you want / ‘cause I don’t know” (“I Don’t Know”) Pink confesses on the radio-friendly opening track that will have your shoulders grooving before the second verse. And on “Dirty Soap“, Pink opines It’s hard to check-out when you’re checking in.”, a song the Pretenders could have easily cut.

“Golden Smoke” has a gorgeous folk sound, ala Stacey Earle.

And “Thirsty Thursday” has an eyebrow raising strange chord at the beginning with Pink promising, “It’s thirsty Thursday and I’m going to blow off your steam”. (Certainly a promise that requires further investigation on my part).
Pink Nasty working her tool. (Photo/Pat Kauchick)

The title track, “Mold The Gold” is epic in production with a stop/start break that is apocalyptic…and a personal favorite. A thousand cigarettes from your death” / “Kiss me behind the drum kit." (“Danny”) has Pink and Black talking, ala Jack and Meg (White Stripes) and is quite funny.

And finally, Pink duets with Will Oldham on a most refreshingly honest love song to close out this multifarious album.

This is a wonderful CD to add to your collection. My only complaint, and a personal peeve, is the lyrics are not provided. Being a lover of words, I can’t help wondering what I might be missing.
(Apologies for any mistakes in my lyric interpretation).

Overall, Pink Nasty has recorded some fine music that differs in attitude and direction just enough to give this disc some extremely high replay value. That elusive indie diamond-in-the-rough has once again shown its bashful little head, my babies…Good stuff!
(Edited 1st appear. Vantage/Newman U.)

-->Look for Pink Nasty at Kirby's Beer Store - Apr 26, 2007 - Wichita, Kansas!<--

Casey Chambers

Pink Nasty-->"Dirty Soap" off Mold The Gold (2006) (Own This CD)


Anonymous said...

you probably know this already, but i LOVE pink nasty. that cd is great from start to finish.

i read somewhere that she and her brother wrote the song "don't ever change" by singing the first things that came into their heads in a back-and-forth kind of exchange. it was crazy ("deodorant stains on your back?) but it worked, so she kept it.

Casey said...

I had not heard that...but if this is true...the freeform style certainly works for them!
Thanks for dropping by.
On another note...I was really surprised how little props PN recieved at the 2006 year in review!
Honestly...I was in shock to see PN left off of so many lists!
Mold The Gold is good stuff!

Anonymous said...

you know, i think she's not quite on the national radar yet. when i bought her cd, she was selling it out of her house--i had to write the check directly to her!

maybe her next cd will be her breakthrough. she certainly deserves to be more widely heard, that's for sure.

Casey said...

I'm sure you're right. PN has one of my checks, too. I sent her one as soon as i heard some of the songs...I mailed it directly...(to her home!!!)

-tom said...

Good stuff. I had not heard her before. Definitely one I need to pick up. Thanks for posting it.