Thursday, April 19, 2007

Book Buzz: The Journeyer by Gary Jennings (1984)

"Anything you want to be...
'Cause you give me hope
When you shine."
Charles & Eddie

An author who can weave well-researched historical facts into a work of fiction... so expertly... that it neither slows down the story...or worse...interrupts the pacing worth every penny they earn.

Gary Jennings and his 1984 offering...the epic "The Journeyer" achieves this in spades.

Based on the premise that Marco Polo had another journal...kept hidden...Jennings fills each page with accounts of breath-taking adventures and intriguing encounters with unforgettable characters.

Add some very risqué...sometimes taboo goings-on and interwoven story lines and one can easily see why Marco felt it necessary to keep some memories secret.

At 1024 pages, there is not a wasted word. "The Journeyer" takes the reader all across the "known world" during the 13th century with descriptions so vivid...I thought I was there.

By ship and by foot, Marco, along with his Father and Uncle travel the land and seas in hopes of bringing back many rare and valuable items back to their homeland for some beaucoup profit. But finding them and keeping them is easier said than done.

This novel is pure enjoyment and will have readers earmarking a few pages to return to for perusing. And absolutely, this epic will cause one to reflect on their very different...very mundane lives in comparison. Classic! Good stuff!


Charles & Eddie-->"Shine" off Duophonic (1992) (Own This CD)


whiteray said...

Great, great book! All of Jennings' books are well worth reading.

Casey said...

Whiteray...That's good to know.
I was going to tackle "Aztec" sometime this summer.
Thanks for visiting.