Monday, April 2, 2007

Lost Book Gem: American Gods - Neil Gaiman (2001)

"How she ever gonna love you when
she can't parlez vous your Francais?"
~ New York Dolls ~

In American Gods...we are reminded that there was a time when people worshiped Gods. Mythology books are filled with them. And many people believed in fairies and leprechauns and endless legends about many kinds of something or others worthy of our adoration.

But that was then and this is now.

People who once kowtowed to these Gods of legend...have long since migrated to the United States. And there are new Gods now. Gods of Fashion. Gods of Hollywood. Gods of Internet...

Well, now the forgotten and ignored Gods are pissed.

Neil Gaiman (of The Sandman fame) weaves a 588 page story that carries the reader along the beaten paths of America via our hero...Shadow, a recently released jailbird...who is reluctantly thrown into an other-worldly storm that is brewing between the past and present.

"It's Too Late" - New York Dolls / Too Much Too Soon (1974)

Got the invitation to that seventies expose
But how she ever gonna love you when she can't parlez vous your Francais
You know that she can't stop dancin' and that's just about to make you scream
When you where actin' so damn fine
You tryin' hard not to be so mean
And you're tryin' to tell me

That how many times I gotta tell baby it's too late
It's too too late
I told you a thousand times baby it's too late

That's when I saw your mama and she's the blonde queen of the prom
And you're the little heiress to the kingdom from the flesh right down to the bone
Cause I saw you last night darlin' on the midnight flight to the stars
But you spend most your time in the powder room where you chit chat with Diana Doors
And you tryin to tell her

You invite us up to that B-trip (?) but that's nothing new on me
That reminds me of problems back in 1933
Now you where here when they crashed on down and the geckos (?) got smacked up
And now all of God's children,
They gettin' what they want
When they get the ticket

Good stuff!

Casey Chambers

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