Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Ramblings: The Rainmaker Pt 2 and Pink Nasty

"I'm a wound-up string on a violin, the future's gonna take me where I've never been"
Angel City

The Rainmaker
play production went off without a hitch this past weekend. Everyone was hitting on all cylinders. Ain't nothing like a live (and sold-out) audience.

I played "Jim" - the younger free-spirited brother - And I was given a lot of lee-way in my stage presence. We all know guys like this. Quick to fight for what's right...and quick to get knocked on his ass. Hence the scrape across my forehead and the tinge of a black eye I sport from the play are my totem.

If you look closely at the poster from the play above...I got top billing...thanks to the magical wizardry of "alphabetical order".

An interesting tidbit of info I learned. Legend has it that Elvis did a screen test for the movie of the same name. He didn't get the role...but soon hooked up for some screen time in the movie..."Love Me Tender".

What does that make me? Nothing ... 'cept now I can be a legitimate part of the chain when playing ...'Six Degrees of Bacon". Boom-Chuck!

It looks like Pink Nasty is touring again. YES!
And at - "You Ain't No Picasso" - you'll find tour dates and comments. Finding Wichita on the list of performing dates (tba, at this time) will be a "must-see" show for all her rock-hungry fans. She'll also be spanking sounds up in Lawrence, KS at The Replay - April 25 w/the Black! So I foresee a road trip ahead. Mold The Gold, indeed!


Angel City -->"Let The Night Roll On" off Beyond Salvation (1989) (Buy This CD)


Anonymous said...

congrats on your performances--sounds like you had a blast.

and i'm seriously jealous of anyone who gets to see pink nasty. the closest she's coming to me is NYC, and that's on a weeknight, so chances are about zero that i'll get to go. : ( you'll have to let us know how she was.

Casey said...

Thanks for dropping by again!.
I truly thought that after all the "best of 2006" was tallied from all our familiar music blogs...that Pink Nasty was sorely under-rated.
I will definitely let you know about the show!