Thursday, March 8, 2007

Ramblings: Captain America died & Red Skull lives

"The loudest mouth will hail the new found way,
To be king for a day."

On hearing of Captain America's death (killed by a sniper) recently, I remembered a comic I picked up several years ago featuring Captain America and Iron Man. Two superheroes for the price of one!

But what makes this special for me, is that this was the first Silver Age appearance of the evil "Red Skull"...a continuous thorn in the side of our country's Hero.

(Actually, this appearance of "Red Skull" was an imposter. The real "Red Skull" shows up in the next issue #66. But, whatever...just semantics, Man!)

Marvel Comics printed it under the name Tales of Suspense in 1965. It sold for 12 cents.

The "Red Skull" was a super-agent Nazi with an IQ off the charts and a body that was skilled in combat. He wore an ugly mask. This villain represented every enemy of America and served as pretty effective propaganda for the time.

Captain America represented everything that was red, white and blue. The Capt. was physical perfection. He could bench-press 1,100 pounds, run a mile in about a minute and outsmart any spy. And, of course...he was NOT ugly. Every young boy aspired to grow up and serve their country with equal bravery if they were a good American.

The Captain, alas, must have lost favor with the readers...thus...his demise.


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