Saturday, March 31, 2007

Introduction:-->Tom Waits

"So what becomes of all the little boys, who run away from home?
Well the world just keeps gettin' bigger, once you get out on your own".
Tom Waits
The word “cool” is often hard to define, but you easily know it when you see it. Tom Waits, the beatnik troubadour is the epitome of cool. Natural, unfeigned cool. Not the posturing and glamming that so often is passed off to the consumer as being cool.

And he is one of the most unappreciated musical legends working in the business today. Critically acclaimed and commercially ignored, Tom has been writing and performing atmospheric songs about the less than glamorous side of life for the last four decades.

In his rough 3 pack-a-day throaty voice, Tom delivers lines in a singing, sometimes talking manner, easily convincing listeners that his characters are real.

However, being a fan of Waits, I have learned that turning my friends on to his unique style of music takes a different approach than just tossing them a CD. Being an artist who trips to his own beats, T.W. is an acquired taste and needs to be introduced to new fans in doses much the same way as when we are making new friends. (Don’t give too much away and for God’s sake don’t let them see your crazy side to soon).

With this in mind, please accept my offering of carefully chosen songs from T.W.’s catalog. The songs would make a perfect CD to burn for your virgin Tom Waits friends.

Then...when the late evening arrives...they can dim the lights, enjoy a relaxing beverage, and let their musical education begin.

The 12:
“On The Nickel” - “Heartattack and Vine”.
"Christmas Card From A Hooker In Minneapolis" - “Blue Valentine”.
“Invitation To The Blues” - “Small Change”.
“Circus” - “Real Gone”.
“Martha” - “Closing Time”.
“Clap Hands” - “Rain Dogs”.
“Romeo Is Bleeding” - “Blue Valentine”.
9th and Hennepin” - “Rain Dogs”.
"Filipino Box Spring Hog" - “Mule Variations”.
“Small Change” - “Small Change”.
“What’s He Building” - “Mule Variations”.
"Tom Traubert's Blues" - “Small Change”.

After listening to these twelve offerings by the great Tom Waits...I feel assured new listeners will quickly want to add his albums to their collection.

One other interesting note for your perusing. Paste (recently named "Magazine of the Year" at the 2006 PLUG Independent Music Awards), listed the top 100 living songwriters as voted by peers. Tom Waits surprisingly came in 4th behind only Dylan, Young, and Springsteen. That’s pretty strong validation.

ATTENTION: Tom Waits...Please come to Kansas.
(1st appear. Vantage/Newman U.)



Liberty said...

Nice choices! Don't forget Dan Hick's great version of The Piano Has Been Drinking.

Casey said...

Thanks. Is that Dan Hicks of the "Dan Hicks and the Hot Licks" fame?
I'll check it out.
Appreciate the comment.

mjrc said...

waits was on the daily show not too long ago. what a great guy. i'd never seen him talk before, and he was so real--and his voice didn't sound nearly as gravely! plus it was the first time i'd ever seen someone perform on the show, which was definitely a way to demonstrate how highly stewart thinks of him.

Casey said...

I missed him on the daily show. It would have been cool to catch. Maybe youtube will have it.

Thanks for the comment.

-tom said...

nice picks ! I've always found a good way to turn someone onto Tom Waits is by playing them his versions of songs they already know like Jersey Girl or Downtown Train.

That Daily Show clip was on youtube, not sure if it still is. There was also an even better clip from his appearance on Letterman around the same time frame.

Casey said...

Tom..I did catch him on Letterman and he was a great interview. I sensed that David really enjoyed his visit. Quite a sense of humor!

Liberty said...

Check my sight, I just uploaded the Dan Hicks version of Piano Has Been Drinking.

Casey said...

I'm there!