Tuesday, March 13, 2007

DVD Pick: --> Rope (1948)

"Were you trying to deceive...telling me
all you need is love to succeed?"
Barclay James Harvest

In most Alfred Hitchcock movies, we don't know who the villain is until a good way into the film. Not this time. In Hitchcock's first color film, "Rope"(1948), we quickly meet two prep school murderers, Brandon (John Dall) and Philip (Farley Granger) who surprisingly kill their fellow student David in an effective Hitchcock sucker punch just after the opening bell.

In other words, if you want subtitles, set'em up quick. This movie revolves around two twisted individuals who believe that good and evil, right and wrong are just for the average folks.

To make what they call a work of art a "masterpiece", they arrogantly hide David's body in the same room they are having their dinner party. (You'll find out where).

Last, but not least, Rupert (Jimmy Stewart, the most recognizable actor in this film) soon escalates the tension and increases the paranoia between the two psychopaths, as the dinner party wonders when David is going to show up. This movie was loosely based on the real-life murder committed by two gay University of Chicago students.
Must see moment: There are two different occasions when the camera freezes on Stewart as he is listening to the fast paced colloquy around him. You will almost believe your disc is frozen before Stewart's eyes reveal his suspicion. This is a very strange moment. Get ready for a Hitchcock Shock, my babies. (1st appear. Vantage/Newman U.)


Barclay James Harvest-->"Titles" off Time Honoured Ghosts (1975)
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