Saturday, March 24, 2007

Lost Book Gem: "The Walking Drum" - Louis L'Amour (1985)

"In this place, full of empty space,
Your soft and tender love will always shine for me."
Robin Trower ~


Taking place in the 12th century, this historical fiction "The Walking Drum" (surprisingly written by "the king of western novels" ...Louis L'Amour) revolves around a young man...Kerbouchard...who travels the Muslim world and dangerous seas in search for his noble father.

This swashbuckling adventure is filled with nonstop action as our hero meets honorable men and untrustworthy characters. Beautiful women and loyal friends. A time where knowledge is power. And honor is everything.

Our skilled warrior, Kerbouchard, is also a scholar and a lover of the ladies. And is given great lines to throw out to his enemies and sweeties that will cause you to smile. Plus L’Amour weaves in plenty of historical facts from the era that fascinate without slowing down the action.

Have you heard this gem?
"In This Place"  -  Robin Trower / Bridge Of Sighs (1974)

In this place, filled with empty space
Your love holds the key, baby sympathize with me
I need you
Before I lost, your touch of life and grace
I knew that your sweet face could always comfort me
I love you

In this place, full of empty space
Your soft and tender love will always shine for me
I love you
Now I know, what it means to have you gone
I'm down on my knees baby see by me
I love you.

Good stuff!

Casey Chambers

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