Friday, March 16, 2007

Lost Book Gem: Amazonia - James Rollins (2003)

"You got to think of
what it's gonna take to make your dreams"
~ Aerosmith ~

This action-filled novel by James Rollins is the proverbial page-turner. This fast-paced adventure, reminiscent of an Indiana Jones thriller except with a tad more violence cooks!

And Rollins has thrown in enough scientific ideas ripped from the daily papers to make the story biting and believable.

A group of doctors and scientists return to the deep rain forests to find a lost member who appears to have stumbled upon a substance that can regenerate limbs and possibly cure cancer.  The imaginative and dangerous obstacles that lurk throughout the region make for an awesomely delicious ride. a book you'll hate to put down...simply because "thrills" from your own life have pulled you away.

"Make It"  -  Aerosmith (1973)

Good evening people, welcome to the show
Got somethin' here I want you all to know
When laughin' people bring on primal screams
You got to think of
What it's gonna take to make your dreams

Make It
Don't break it
I said Make It
Don't Brake it
Do then you feel like the world's coming down on you

You know that history repeats itself
But you just learned so by somebody else
You know you do, you gotta think up fast
You gotta figure what it's gonna take to make it last.

Better weather, pull yourself together
Don't be catchin' the blues
Better weather, pull yourself together
What have you got to lose
You're only paying your dues
Too stinkin' proud but you're gonna pay
If you're gone I'll get you anyway
Although you know what you've been going through
Your only dreams feel like a tattoo

Casey Chambers


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Hey, Casey, thanks for the visit. I like your blog as well. I've added a link to yours. Feel free to do the same!

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whiteray said...

Forgot to mention: I know your area at least a little. Some years ago, I spent three months living in Conway Springs, where I had a lady friend. (Drove through there a few years ago on my way back to Minnesota from Dallas and was stuck by how little it had changed!)