Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Ramblings: The Rainmaker

"You were standin' and I was thinkin'
Of all the time that I spend hangin' around"
Paul Stanley

We went off the books for the second night, on this, my 4th week of play practice. It felt good and I’m starting to feel the excitement buzzing around all the other actors hitting their marks.

The Rainmaker” is the name of the play we are performing this spring. Written in 1954 by N. Richard Nash, it is about a father and his two sons…ranch hands…who have been worrying about their plain sister and if she’ll ever find a husband. They have also been worrying about the farm as it has been weeks since the last good rain. Hence…the Rainmaker.

The play stars 6 males and 1 female and is a moral comedy. Rainmaker is being directed by one of the states best, Misty Maynard, who owns and has been running her own shows at the Kechi Playhouse in Kechi, Kansas for nearly 25 years. I have a juicy part playing one of the brothers. A lot of interaction and quick conversation. Challenging, but worth it.

To say it has been a stress-twister these last few weeks keeping up with my classes and working on the weekly University newspaper would be an understatement. But it is the kind of complaining that will be worth the stress when we go live with the play. Now that is a sweet rush. The play is March 2nd and 3rd at Newman University.


Paul Stanley -->"Ain't Quite Right" off Paul Stanley (1978) (BUY)

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