Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Ramblings: Monkey Business...Perhaps?

"Another bucket of sand
Another wave at the pier
I miss the way that I used
To call the shots around here
Brian Wilson

When reading a short blurb recently about the discovery of chimpanzees making their own weapons for the purpose of hunting…I was sure I’d be hearing much more about this. But it almost appears to have been swept under the rug.

Only humans have been known to make weapons for hunting. And I'm not talking about a chimp picking up a rock and throwing it. Or picking up a piece of tree limb and using it as a club. This is taking "one object" and working it over to make it useful for another purpose. This is an awesome progression! And now, after all this time, another mammal has stepped across the invisible line of invention...with specific intentions.

This is chilling. The ramifications are worthy of late night convo with others who allow for the "what-if" explorations. Conversations that spin deliciously into the early mornings.

For instance...suppose this weapon invention discovery flips an internal switch within this species...or others, that increases their development speed five-fold. Ten-fold, perhaps?
One has to wonder...Why now? Has someone been tampering with the "Prime Directive" to steal a phrase from Captain Picard?

Not much media buzz, as late, about this...and perhaps the implications are nil in effect.
But I can't help wondering..."What Would Mulder Do"...when unsettling discoveries like this are muffled. (1st appear. Vantage/Newman U.)


Brian Wilson-->"Imagination" off Imagination (1998) (BUY)

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