Thursday, February 15, 2007

Book Rock: " Lisey's Story" by Stephen King

"Glad and sorry
Happy or sad
When all is done and spoken
You’re up or I’m down."
~ Faces ~

When Stephen King is good…he’s very, very, good; And when he’s bad…he’s still pretty darn good.  So saying Lisey’s Story (pronounced lee-see) was a waste of time would be a little harsh.

There are great sentences through out and many delicious SK observations...but I just didn't have any care-bear blankets I wanted to wrap around any of his characters. Good ones or bad ones, it didn't matter.  I was reading the story. And enjoying it, surprisingly enough.  But I just couldn't give much of a damn.

‘Lisey’s Story” felt more like a John Irving novel mixed with a touch of the macabre. (And that ain't a bad thing in and of itself).   But I was needing my SK fix and the maestro wasn't delivering.

But hey...what ever King wants to churn, I will gladly throw down my green paper, take it home and read it.  Like I said…even his less than stellar is pretty darn good.

Should you read it?   Of course. 

SK has some pretty interesting takes on the loss of a spouse and the months and years following. The book will carry.

However, long SK fans will understand, when I say…“I need a real SK fix”!

NOTE: On page 383, SK makes reference to Serial Killer BTK out in Wichita…making all of us Kansans so proud!.

Lost Gem:--> "Glad and Sorry" - Faces (1973)

Good stuff!

Casey Chambers

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