Sunday, February 18, 2007

Lost Stream Gem:--> "Shadow Of A Doubt" (1943)

"Evil's with me in the morning.
Evil's with me and I can't get away".

~ Steve Miller ~

Directed By Alfred Hitchcock, this delicious mystery revolves around Uncle Charlie (Joseph Cotton) who we learn very early on is being chased. The question is…is he a good guy being chased by bad guys or a bad guy being chased by good guys?

Either way, Uncle Charlie returns to a small town where his sister lives with her family in hopes of hiding out for a spell. Trouble is…Uncle Charlie has a way too nosy niece.

In an entertaining subplot, actors Henry Travers ...(who played Angel 2nd Class Clarence in...“It’s A Wonderful Life”) and a very young Hume Cronyn ...(who was one of the invigorated old guys from “Cocoon”) have a strange running conversation throughout the film about how to commit the perfect murder. It is funny and macabre at the same time.

This 1943 thriller is filled with Alfred’s trademark twists of the camera and although this film is not one of his better known…it will certainly satisfy those in need of an old fashioned nail-bite buzz.

Must see moment: The camera slowly drawing closer to the side of the face of (???) he rambles about how widows being murdered deserve every bad thing that happens to them.

And as the camera closes in on the side of the face, the actor turns and stares directly into the camera as if to say…"I've put my cards on the table…Whatcha gonna do?".

Have you heard this lost gem?
"Evil" - Steve Miller - The Joker (1973)

(Recorded live at the Aquarius Theatre, Boston)
You know
If somebody, somewhere done you wrong
Oh, don't worry about your revenge, no

I said if somebody, somewhere done you wrong
Oh, don't worry about your revenge, no no
'Cause that's when evil
Oh, evil slips on in

Hey, when I first met you baby
You were nothing but a child
When I first met you baby
I used to let you run wild

But somewhere, somehow
Lord, I don't know how
All your goodness
Slipped away

And that's when evil
Evil let it stay
Evil let it stay, yeah

Evil's with me in the morning
Evil's with me and I can't get away, no
But there's gonna come a time
Oh, when somebody else is gonna pay
Gonna pay baby

Good stuff.

Casey Chambers

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